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PD Pro 5

Refreshing Digital Painting

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The latest version is:  5.1b  (Christmas 2010 edition)
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Beyond PD Pro 5:
let's waffle
let's howl!

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Everyone needs a bff:
(even Dogwaffle)

Fast 3D sketching, colormap, bumpmap and real-time displacement map painting and digital & sculpting:
Curvy 3D
3D modeling for artists with a 2D mind's not modeling, it's better:
It's liberal sculpting!
Great for Fantasy Art, Concept Art & 3D Design, making 3D props, ...

Now includes PD Pro integration!

animation by Dalemation

Plugins (many free)
HOT! Beyond the 'waffle:
Great Companions to PD Pro:

Curvy 3D v2
3D sculpting for artists with a 2D mind

video FX and such

v1.2 is now
freeware (!)

More Third-
party Plugins!

painting by Attila Kohl

Comtessa WIP by Martin Duerr - Cybersign

Montana, framed in PD Pro 5
Montana (c)Google Earth, framed and re-rendered in PD Pro 5

painting in PD Pron 5 by Danas-Anis

painting by Attila Kohl

Woodcut filter:

Frame your art with the matter cutter plugin, included with PD Pro 5:

Frame your

hybrid style: brushes rendered along vextor paths

    living organism - this cell ate too much
                          and has got to go


Symmerical painting:

New special FX filters:

New brush presets in the media manager:

New cartoon brushes:

The v5 series:
v5 teasers

PD Pro 5
                  for $5 - October 2012

The 5.1b Update
Installation Notes for full standalone and free update installer

Free 5.1b DEMO 
Get the free demo of PD Pro 5.1b at CNET's

Read the Review of PD Pro 5 in C3DE Magazine online

It's here... 5.1TGE
the 5.1 TGE
new tools for pattern designs!

take a peek at what's coming with PD Pro

Tutorials & Videos
Creating an animation from
just a few key frames
creating a limited animation from just a
                        few frames

Framing your artwork
gallery of images

Fun Animations:
Cowboy Shorts
Cowboy SHorts, animations created with
                        PD Pro Frame Painter
there's a snake in my boots
are you a horse? cartoon animation in
                        Project Dogwaffle

Be Amazing...
If you couldn't walk, could you climb Yosemite's El Capitan in 6 days, by hand, over 15,000+ pull-ups?

 Steve did.

Support the
Wampler Foundation

Help re-open Camp Wamp for kids with disabilities

Halloween Art

DOTM: Dogwaffler Of The Moment
new!  Images
made with
PD Pro 5:

View the Slideshow of PD Pro 5 artwork and screenshots

DropBox Gallery
on DropBox
gallery of images

Note: these are in most cases not created by Philip, they are simply presented on Philip's Dropbox gallery. If you seek permission to re-use some images please contact us.

Get your PC ready for PD Pro 5:
get the MS .NET framework 4

Can't afford
PD Artist
at $19?

Someone else will pay for your copy of PD Artist, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!

Can't afford
PD Particles
at $19?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of PD Particles, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!