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  Dogwaffle on Sa le

Making affordable digital painting solutions for your PC even more affordable!

PD Particles is great for quick
                                    painting, drawing and sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital
                                    painting, animation & video, 3D
                                    and visuall effects

  October Promo

51% off the regular price. Through Halloween October 31st.

51%. Pretty scary in and of itself huh.

Welcome to area 51%

  • for PD Howler 11, Order here:

  • for PD Artist 11, Order here:

(secure online store by bmtmicro)

Upgrade From prior version?

Do you have an earlier version of PD Howler, Artist Particles, Pro?
Do you want to upgrade? Sidegrade?

If you have a coupon for an even better discount, be sure to use it.

If you don't have your discount coupon anymore but you feel you should have one,
 or you misplaced yours, please contact us to request it.

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Discovering PD Artist - What is it? (Click here)


You can also order here:

Also available directly through the developer's site, Dan Ritchie:


See the slideshow -

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