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Digital Painting Tools for Creative Artists, Indie Game Developers  and Visual FX Animators, with powerful features for 3D and video.

PD Pro - Artist edition -
                                        just paint!PD Pro, Howler edition -
                                        paint and animate!

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Project Dogwaffle:

PD Howler
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                                            Digital painting and

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Gargoyles descending on
                                      castle of Sion

Moon rising

Winter has arrived

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Beyond Digital Painting: Brushes, Special FX, 3D landscapes & Animation


October promotions for all:

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The Martian Landscapes Chronicles:


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 --- What's New in Howler 2021 ---

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Digital Art Live

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If you have a prior version, contact Phil for your discount code - save 50% no matter which version you had before. Includes sidegrades from PD Particles, PD Artist, Howler from Steam etc...

Please note: is down (the hosting company went out of business)
 - please bookmark the new home for PD Howler, the developers new site -

Not ready for Howler 2021? Get ready with the prior release:

Announcing new pricing for Dogwaffle 2020   (v13)

PD Howler 2020 is now  $34
PD Artist 2020 is now $27

new: Stored Images are now stored on disk, no longer wasting your precious RAM

PD Howler 2020 (v13) final build is at build 56

Tutorial: How to open an image file new!

Try out the newest free demo of Howler 2020

If kids can do it - so can you!..... Learn to code!
with the Dogwaffle API, create awesome Graphics!

Never too late for Summer Camp!
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PD Howler 2020 or PD Artist 2020

What's new?

Howler 2020

  Le guide d'utilisateur en franšais! nouveau!
The User's Guide - now also in French! new!

PD Howler & PD Artist 2020 now at build 47 new!

Newsletter #169 - June Lake

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Order PD Howler 2020  |  Order PD Artist 2020

"Fairy World" Digital Art Contest

Hosted by Pixarra:

Exciting New Digital Painting Contest in the theme of "Fairy World"!

Lots of Great Prizes Valued at over $1400 from Pixarra and our Sponsors: Akvis, TheBest3D, Renderosity, Spirit, Flying Meat, Nevercenter and BeLight Software.

It's Free to Enter.

Submissions are accepted from November 6 to December 20.

All fantasy creatures, fairy tale characters and magic are welcome!

Enter here:

Howler 2020: build 42

read about it in the October newsletter

Create beautiful illustrations:

Dan Ritchie writes code for PD Howler, his digital painting software powered by Project Dogwaffle...., then he also writes books.
This is volume #5 in the Silver Squirrel series:

Learn all about the latest releases: 

Howler 2020

                                                          painting with
                                                          Howler 2020

Learn about the next free webinar presented by Digital Art Live

just trees ( slideshow )

Howler 2020

"Beach", painted by Dan Ritchie, author of Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler

 Focus on new Brushes, with Howler 2020

learn more here:

Want it now? Order here:
Howler on Sale?

Order PD Howler or PD Artist here:

Feature Removal with Poisson filter

WOW! - watch the Slideshow

Should you order PD Artist or PD Howler?

user testimonial:                                                     

WOW, PD Howler is a great program!  
-Peter Moonen                  

visit the DOTM : Dogwaffler of the Moment - Peter Moonen

What is a Dogwaffler of the Moment?

This is Project Dogwaffle:

Prior news and more Examples

PD Howler:
Howling Fast!

PD = Project
 Discover your own new 3D World

PD Howler for Paint, Motion
                                      and VIsual FX

Older Slideshows:

  from Mars?

landscape with particles
                                    brushes, painted in PD Pro 8 a recent tutorial done with
                                    Dogwaffle animated fireworks


Awesome Companions: 3D Tools to use with Project Dogwaffle:

Curvy 3D

powerful modeling with curves
                      and voxels, adaptive subdivisions
3D with Carrara

complete 3D solution,
                          does just about everything you'll ever need in


Beyond Digital Painting 

 Tutoring  -  2D Tools  -  3D Tools  -  Music  -  GameDev -

3d terrain animations in
                                    Carrara, foliage, skies, planets
landscape / terrain animations in Carrara

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