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Digital Painting Tools for Creative Artists, Indie Game Developers  and Visual FX Animators, with powerful features for 3D and video.

PD Pro - Artist edition -
                                        just paint!PD Pro, Howler edition -
                                        paint and animate!

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PD Howler
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Gargoyles descending on
                                      castle of Sion

Moon rising

Winter has arrived

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Beyond Digital Painting: Brushes, Special FX, 3D landscapes & Animation


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Howler 2020

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Digital Art Competition:

"Wild Life"

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New Free Demo version

of PD Howler 2019

Try the newest demo version of Howler 2019 - try most features

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PD Howler 2019 LITE Edition

Start on tiny budget with PD Howler 2019 LITE edition

Feature Removal with Poisson filter

Now shipping build #42 for Howler 2019

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This is Project Dogwaffle:

Prior news:

Build #30 of PD Howler 12 (2019) is here

Build #26 of PD Howler 12 (2019) is here

Build #25 of PD Howler 2019 (v12) is here

If you already ordered v12 (aka 2019) of PD Howler, wait a few days to receive it from Dan if you ordered from him directly. If through our BMTmicro store, re-download it from the links in your delivery email.  If you lost it, check in the support section at If you need help, contact Phil.

Upgrades from v11 / Daz / Steam

If you have v11, you can get at least 50% off discount for upgrading with new full installer. Possibly even more if you bought it very recently, including if you bought it on Steam. Just ask us.

Partner News:

We support - Lightforms: because at the end of the tunnel, light comes in many forms. Learn more about AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality).... much better than DR (Demented Reality) - because in Dogwaffle's universe, DR stands for Dan Ritchie!

Hotter because it's powered by block-chain technology from ... from the brightess mathematicians, OpenSource, fast(!)...  And who doesn't like collectible toys, right?

Learn about
the coolest 3D project in hyperspace, this side of the New Year!

This is going to be for you, my dear the creative minds. No more starving artists!

Large Landscapes

Design your perfect vacation getaway with PD Howler 2019!


PD Howler 2019

8k rendering - We render 8192x8192!

details here

So you think you know Project Dogwaffle?
10 things you probably didn't know.

Looking down the ravine of gravel and rocks, animated water in the creek below.
Can your digital painting software handle this? This is PD Howler.

                                                          down the

Free update for users of v11.x - PD Artist now shipping version v11.4 (RC136).

Free update for users of v11.x - PD Howler now shipping version v11.4 (RC134).

Plushy Whales and Snow Cones - learn more

Can you create this in your paint program?...

Newsletter #148 - July Surprise: Summer Splash II

Newsletter #147 - June Gloom for Father's Day

Newsletter #146 - more landscapes

New Landscapes

Newsletter #145 - Creating Stunning Landscape Sceneries

20 Powerful Postwork Procedures with PD Howler

Creating Stunning Landscape Scenes with PD Howler

From Real-World Landscapes to Art

Bluffwalker is a DOTM

Using and experimenting with Landsat images to re-experience life's moments

Howler v11.2:

Celebrating 20 Years of Project Dogwaffle!


Beyond Digital Painting

In other words:  Is it Real? ...or is it Puppy Rayl?

Imagine: Foraminifera on Mars?

foraminifera on

Hello AniRhythm - the newest Dogwaffler of the Moment

PD Howler v11 is now also avalable at!
Learn more in Newsletter #140 - September to Remember

Discover Puppy Ray 3D rendering of landscapes on GPU!

Hot! Landscape Tutorials and free Assets

 New to Dogwaffle? Get Started with 3D Designer!

So your mom said you can't play with your food?

 This is not the Moon.......

 This is my cup of morning coffee!
(with frothed milk for the bubbles - meteor impact craters)

Read Newsletter #138 to learn more | Slideshow Updated! new!

Is it
                                                          Real, or is it
                                                          Puppy Rayl?it's not
                                                          what it looks

Virtual Cooling: global relief from regional heat waves:

Summer-Splash, the refreshingly cool free Update for Howler 11

I need this - it's so cool!

PD Howler 11.1 is here! updated!PD Artist 11.1 is here!

Don't have the latest version yet? Can't afford it just yet?

Discover Rendering with Puppy Ray

Ready, set.... woof! This is v11,... This is Axehead.

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More recent Dogwafflers of the Moment:

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Dave Devoe

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L-Systems for Dogwaffle: Sierpinski and more! New!

Discovering Puppy Ray Cool!

More free Skies for Puppy Ray

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 Water Caustics plugin

Normal Map plugin

 Worley Noise plugin

 How to paint Cityscapes

 Creating assets with Transparent Background

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Digital painting w/particles

PD Particles

Paint, Visual FX & 3D

PD Artist

Paint, VFX, 3D and Motion

PD Howler

gallery slideshow

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Learn more
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                                                          created in PD
                                                          Howler's 3D
Priced like an app!

Beyond digital painting!
For the total visual artist!

Discover Project Dogwaffle for GameDev & Nature Painting.

Watch our Main Slideshow:

Bunnies in the

PD Howler 9.5/9.6 werea Major Milestones!

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3D Designer unleashed: Realistic and fast creation of scenic landscapes with erosion, sediments, clouds, fog, ambient occlusion shading, texturing based on elevation and slope(!) with real-time cast shadows on the GPU. Export 3D mesh as OBJ file, save the texture, height map, Zbuffer depth map, lighting maps, terrain masks (snow, rock, grass), etc...Also: Local Contrast simulates HDRI effects, Ambient Occlusion adds depth and realism to foliage particle brushes(!).  Learn more here

See and learn from more examples and tutorials on our YouTube channel: pdhowler


Watch more videos & tutorials in our pdhowler channel on YouTube

Image below: Terrain created and rendered in Howler 9.5's 3D Designer.
Sky also rendered in Howler 9.5's 3D Designer and composited into the terrain rendering.
Foliage painted with PD Howler's Particle brushes.

can your paint program do

PD Howler:
Howling Fast!

PD = Project
Dogwaffle! Discover your own new 3D World

PD Howler for Paint, Motion
                                      and VIsual FX

Older Slideshows:

from Mars?

landscape with particles
                                    brushes, painted in PD Pro 8 a recent tutorial done with
                                    Dogwaffle animated fireworks


Awesome Companions: 3D Tools to use with Project Dogwaffle:

Curvy 3D

powerful modeling with curves
                      and voxels, adaptive subdivisions

complete 3D solution,
                          does just about everything you'll ever need in


Beyond Digital Painting 

 Tutoring  -  2D Tools  -  3D Tools  -  Music  -  GameDev -

3d terrain animations in
                                    Carrara, foliage, skies, planets
landscape / terrain animations in Carrara

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