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Digital Painting Tools for Creative Artists, Indie Game Developers  and Visual FX Animators, with powerful features for 3D and video.

PD Pro - Artist edition -
                                        just paint!PD Pro, Howler edition -
                                        paint and animate!

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Project Dogwaffle:

PD Howler
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Gargoyles descending on
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Winter has arrived

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Beyond Digital Painting: Brushes, Special FX, 3D landscapes & Animation

Newsletter #191 - Mid-January Joy

The itsy-bitsy Bugs list new!
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 PD Howler 2023 is now also on Steam new!steampowered

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++++ Creative Times are Here! ++++

This was painted by Dan Ritchie with PD Howler.
The image features Silver Squirrel and Pillow Rabbit.  Silver added Pillow to his family as a service animal to help him with a disability.  The deer are Margaret Mayflower and Milton Meadows.  Margaret is an itinerant judge and member of the Court of Animals.  Milton agreed to assist her after she was injured at the Battle of the Flee Market in "Sky Full of Rabbits."  Together they are on their way to Deer City, a.k.a The Princedom of the Hill, which is also the name of the book.

Learn more about Silver Squirrel here >>>

Now also available as printed artwork in many forms here:

Learn more about the latest version:
PD Howler 2023
(powered by Dogwaffle 16)

New volumetric sky filter ^

Did you know?
Project Dogwaffle started as a paint program...
It also comes with great tools for animation, video and 3D landscapes.
Best of all - great brushes!

                                                          started as a

Did you know?

PD Howler 2022 may (still) be available here! and it's cheaper :-)

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Also Available:

PD Artist 2022 (v15)
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not the latest, still one of the best deals


eagle and indian face by Frank Bonacquisti


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