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Project Dogwaffle:
   Howler 2023   (v16)

Fast Digital Painting, 3D landscape Rendering and tools for Video  & Animation

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Howler 2023 is not available here yet but it's coming soon and you can already pre-order early beta releases to get in on it now.

Order from the developer directly, at

We will also have a cheaper 'Artist' edition. If you don't see it yet, it means we haven't built / released it yet. We make PD Howler first. PD Artist then occasionally is released too, as a subset of Howler. Artist is cheaper, but don't get me wrong: PD Howler is very affordably priced already too, considering all that it offers. But there are a few things you might never use, nor want to pay for. If you don't do animation or multi-frame rendering, if you won't ever work with video - check PD Artist.


Project Dogwaffle (PD) is first and foremost a digital painting program. But it also does much more.

Never heard of Project Dogwaffle? or PD Artist or PD Howler, PD Particles??

What's (arguably) not so good? (there's always one or two achilles heels, right?)

All in all, Howler is howling fast. Heavily optimized and designed on low end systems, due mostly to starving-artist budget realities, you'll likely find that runs very smoothly on your desktop or laptop Windows PC too. This software does not require high-end gaming systems, though it's nice to have a dream machine:

More about features here and here: the Dogwaffle Main Features List

Howler vs. Artist - what are the Differences?


Images that were created (rendered and/or painted) with PD Howler 2023

New Sky Filter >>> click here for more info on the new sky filter, including sample animations



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Below are some of the new features coming to PD Howler 2022:

Reminder: What was new in the prior releases?

This is Howler 2023 (version 16)
| Howler 2022(v15) | 2021(v14) | 2020(v13) | 2019(v12) | v11 | v10 |


Captain's Log - The Latest Developments, the News:

What's New in PD Howler 2023?

Here are various bits and pieces of interesting developments, new features, improvements, bug fixes,... related to Howler 2023. 

We call it the Captain's Log:



It took a while but we're now able to make new builds of the software.

Here are some recent builds:

Most Recent update:

May 21 2022

May 20 2022

May 16 2022

May 12 2022

May 10 2022

May 7 2022

April 21 2022

A couple of notes at this point and moving into the future...

April 13 2022

April 5 2022

March 12th 2022 ...

March 11th 2022 build 53

March 9th 2022 build 52

March 4th, 2022

Feb 11th, 2022 - Note: this was the last and final build released for Howler 2022

Build 48




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the Free Demo / Trial version of PD Howler 2023

Ready to try it for free? download and install this free demo version:

not available yet - Coming soon



Docs & Help - the Documentation - taking your first steps like a baby

As a 1-man show, resources are a bit, shall we say, limited... there is not a tremendous amount of time available to do thorough documentation, keeping it updated with the many changes and new features, the user guides, reference manuals, etc... and we rely more on video tutorials on youtube.

But, there are also various guides, and with the help of some supporters we also are happy to show some translations. Here are English, French and Spanish documentation, and a few other options, to learn more about using Dogwaffle.

If you can write in German, Italian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, ... any other language, please help spread the word and joys of waffling.

We have 1000+ free tutorial videos at youtube. (pdhowler channel and also the older staigerman channel).

We have a bunch of testimonials in the Dogwaffler of the moment (DOTM) and some with tutorials.

We still offer a tutorial CD for getting started with Dogwaffle. It is a bit old but will bring back memories and wjoys of discovery.

Start here:







Latest versions - Checksums

Got it? downloaded it? Verify that your download is authentic and complete. Make sure it's legit and hasn't been tampered with.

Simply Right-click the icon of the .exe program installer file, and find CRC SHA information to compare with these:

Below you see the expected checksums. If you see a different value on your copy of the file, your copy is corrupted or may have been tampered with. (perhaps containing a virus)

    (coming soon)   



People are usually silent or very vocal ;-)

See a few examples of what they do with PD Howler and even lesser versions of Dogwaffle or early PD Pro -
- Dogwafflers of the Moment


Newsletters - the coverage of Howler 2023 in our Newsletters HERE

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