Welcome to my World of 3D Stickers

I was kid once too (it happens), and this is how I imagine my own room


My name is Michel Agullo.

I am a 3D Illustrator.

You can find me on Etsy here:

This is what I do: I create 3D computer models, then I render them, then print them for Vinyl stickers, and ship them to you.

You will easily find something you like, for your hobby room, children's room and daycare centers, education centers, elementary school class rooms or Kindergartens and many more occasions.

For girls, princesses and fairies:

For boys, builders and explorers:
and we also have race cars! vroom vroom!

For schools and learning centers:

See one of my catalogues

It's not the most recent, but it will give you a good idea of my style. I have produced many more since then.


So, but really, in other Words:

How did it all begin, with TheBest3D.com?

Long long long ago, I saw someone create a 3D model of an elephant, using Amapi 3D.
His name is Philip Staiger, and his demo of the elephant was based on an idea and technique by the grand master of Amapi himself, Pierre Bretagnolles.

If you're curious, here's Philip, taming his version of the elephant on a Fakespace big screen..

It was all very inspiring and entertaining.
I had started to develop my own style for some funny looking animals.

Soon I had my own version of our beloved elephant.

This was the trigger that I needed to start selling my designs, on t-shirts, on posters, eventually on self-adhesive vinyl stickers.

And here's a t-shirt with my first elephant. This goes back to the end of the 90's

Now I have many cousins!

Thanks for looking!