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Eleveation maps, texture maps, sky maps and more

PD Particles is great for
                                      quick painting, drawing and
                                      sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports
                                      digital painting, animation &
                                      video, 3D and visuall effects

Here is our latest competition announcement jointly with Pixarra Twistedbrush and great companion tools!

Looking for past competitions? there was an earlier competition:  Water

This event for March-April 2019 has concluded:

Call For Entries

“Spring | Rebirth” Digital Art Competition,

March - April 2019

Special Invitation

Pixarra and TheBest3D are inviting you to take part in their second joint digital painting competition “Spring | Rebirth” which will be held in March and April 2019. The contest is international and is open to 2D and 3D artists of any level.
Participation is free of charge and has no limitations on the software used to create the submissions.
Entries will be accepted through a submission form on the competition’s official page: from March 20 to April 9 and voting will be allowed starting from April 10th.
The winners will be selected by representatives of Pixarra Inc. and TheBest3D and will receive the following prizes:

First Place – TwistedBrush Pro Studio 24 and PD Howler 12

Second Place – Pixarra Studio Bundle 2 and PD Howler 11

Popular choice - Pixarra Studio Product by choice and PD Artist 11.
The winner will be determined by the total number of votes.

A special prize for one of the voters selected at random - Mezmind version 2
For more information, visit, and
or contact the Organizer by email via support 'at' pixarra 'dot'  com.

To Probe Further

Do you want to learn more about the prizes? Try the free demo from the Demozone?

Check Pixarra at  for Twistedbrush and Tree Studio, Blob Studio, and various others, including the calming worlds of Mezmind

Check and for Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler and PD Artist

If you need some inspiration first, read the Silver Squirrel books, by Dan Ritchie, author of Project Dogwaffle.
It's a perfectly fitting tale for mental rebirth.

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