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January-February 2019:   Water
This competition is now closed

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Below is a recap of what the Water competition was about


Welcome to the joint competition with Project Dogwaffle and Pixarra Twistedbrush.
Use either Dogwaffle PD Artist or PD Howler, or Twistedbrush to create artwork. Here is the theme:

  Water - it flows, it freezes, it rains, it snows, it boils to a steam, it brings life, it washes life away, it's the lakes, oceans and rivers and the apocalyptic floods. Water is everything. If we destroy water, we have nothing, not even tears.

(So,... what...What to paint? a hint... think for example:  a glass of fresh water, a turquoise ocean pirate bay getaway, a coral reef, an ocean cleanup effort, a waterfall, water in frozen state, snow, icicles, tears in your eyes, tears in your bff's eyes, steam, clouds,.... water is life.  This is 2019 - the year to feel alive!... even the spectral absorbtion lines of H2O coming from Mars after reflecting the Sun light, revealing water...). Of course, digital water color also comes to mind. pigment lifting, translucent watercolor brushes, glaciers on Mars, the gullies left behind when the melting has ended,...

Here are the Rules -

Don't have your Dogwaffle yet? Want to create 3D landscapes?

Use a recent version, or even the free demo which enables many features
> to the demozone

Don't have Twistedbrush yet?
More about Pixarra and the contest, and how to submit your entry below:

Submit your Entry

Need more Inspiration? Does this Help?

Can you see Water in any of these?

created in PD Artist:

Inspire me - Wow me

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or even animated:

Need more inspiration? Here are more examples that involved Water, by Hannes Wiesendanger.

To probe further: Using Pixarra Tree Studio with Project Dogwaffle

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