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Curvy 3D

Aartform's Fast+Easy 3D Sculpting Software

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Version 3.0 for Windows is here. And it is absolutely A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

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Introducing Curvy 3D 2 for Windows and Mac new!

Do you think like an illustrator and designer? Do you see the world around you in shapes, in contours, in cross sections and curves, bumpy and displaced?... a 3D world which you like to pinch and tweak and grab and mold?

Do you like to think that the world is not flat, but not round either..... that the world is, in fact, well, shapely and curvy?

  Take a brief look at what Curvy 3D can do for you

If you do like to draw and sketch, tweak and sculpt, and you're looking for an affordable, quick and easy 3D modeler to explore and unleash your 3D creativity, then look no further, you have found it!  It's called Curvy 3D, and it's from Aartform, a game developer that knows what you need - a tool that expands your 3D creativity and doesn't get in your way!

Curvy 3D is intuitive, playfully artsy, fast, and works well with Project Dogwaffle as well as other painting and animation programs with 3D layers and 3D rendering & animation tools. It lets you create colormaps, bump maps, displacement maps, highlight maps and much more. And on top of it you feel like drawing, not like modeling in 3D. This is not for technical, polygon-focused people who dream in 3D. This is a great tool for 2D minds who want to explore 3D and stick to what they know: 2D curves, profiles, contours and painting. You want this tool to use your drawn brush strokes to create 3D shapes...  works well with tablets!

Whether you already use other 3D modeling and animation tools like Bryce or Carrara, or whether you are starting from scratch with 3D and are coming to this new dimension with a 2D artist's mind, this is a companion 3D modeler you don't want to miss.

Just draw it. Try a brush stroke or two, then re-select a curve from your drawn object, and reshape or fine tune it. Make unlimited variants from a base object - in seconds! Your boss says that teapot needs to look the other way, or the monster crab needs more teeth and claws? No problem!

Curvy has a phenomenal smoothing tool to nicely blend transitions between two merged parts. Just click a key (S for Smooth) and see the magic happen in real time.

You can then also further tweak the shapes, even after converting them to meshes. Poke at them, smooth them locally with the brush, or disrupt the surface for a skipey, no-touchie look. Hands-off!

Then, place bones and rig your model, and pose it for the perfect snapshot to integrate into another layer with your imaging program, or save the rigged pose in 3D for further use in 3D layers and other 3D tools and games.

Curvy 3D v2 also adds Image-based sculpting. You load an image with White shapes on black background - it's that easy. The program does the rest, and a few clicks later you have 3D models based on your original sketches and drawings. 3D from 2D, a dream come true, and it's ready for you to paint color, bumpmaps, displacements and highlights.

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Learn more about Curvy 3D  in the Product Info section.

  Here is another look at what's possible with Curvy 3D version 2.0:

Press Release! Curvy3D 2.0

As Seen with v1.6 :
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Please note:
You can test Curvy 3D on your computers with a free demo. Successfully running the demo ensures that your computer meets the minimum specification requirements to run Curvy 3D. This is not usually required but might still be a good idea if you have an old system or low end graphics card. Note that Curvy 3D now comes with an alternate renderer that also works in most cases even when full 3D features may not be in place.


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