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3rd-Party Plugins

many free, others definitely worth the little bit of money
& most for Project Dogwaffle, PD Pro and PD Artist


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into 3D: draw a shape, and see it
automatically turn it into 3D
simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
cool tool for rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from images
Getting started with Digital
Painting on a slim budget:

PD Artist
Draw, Sketch, Animate & Paint
powered by Project Dogwaffle

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3D for everyone:
- easy -
- fast -
- affordable! -

Carrara 8 - check if it's on sale today
new version 8 and many more versions, some very heavily discounted!

Finally! 3D for everyone:
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And now for something completely different...

Have you tuned your Ukulele, lately?
tuning the ukulele

the Ukulele Tuning Tube

Here are some programs which have been created by outside developers, you may call them third party developers, we like to think of them as pioneers and heroes. They are examples of how easy it is to extend Project Dogwaffle or turn your existing program into a companion or plugin. Some tools here that are not really plugins uniquely made for Project Dogwaffle, but still  excellent companion tools.

Please note:
our own plugins are here - Below are 3rd-party plugins  & add-ons

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- Pixelan AnyFX PD -
the powerful video filters, now also for Project Dogwaffle!

Pixelan is one of the longest established (since 1996) visual effects
plug-in providers in the world. "AnyFX for Dogwaffle" is a GPU-accelerated affordable effects engine for Dogwaffle users. With a simple but powerful interface, you can apply a large collection of terrific effects, such as 200+ adjustable film looks. It also includes beautiful blurs with adjustable blending modes and blur sizing. Create soft and dreamy effects, light rays, fogs, depth of field changes, rain or snow, and many other effects.
   [learn more]

normal price: $24 --- check for special promos!

Pixelan AnyFX for PD


just $19 in July 2011

Curvy 3D v2
includes a 'bridge' to Project Dogwaffle

Curvy 3D is around $80 - $90
Great sculpting, a mix of spline curves and clay modeling with a slant on brushing. Excellent displacement mapping and bump mapping!

more info here

Gertrudis for
Project Dogwaffle

great fancy art effects!
Turn your photos into masterpieces

Hot, Gertrudis for Dogwaffle is now Free! see here:

and look for Free Stuff
If you like Gertrudis for Dogwaffle, consider upgrading to GMX Photopainter!

PJW Production's Animation Plugins

(video transitions & FX)
by Paul Wyskowski

A fabulous collection of plugins that allow for video transition effects over your Dogwaffle animations

Great for 3D animators too!

v1.2 is now
freeware (!)



The full version 1.2 is now free!

Great transitions, fades, and new filter effects (e.g. Nightvision, white noise...). The commercial version also allows for combining (stitching together) multiple clips. Also has a Sprite Sheet creation tool, and animated Gif import/exports, MNG,....

tBDW - thinBasic
Project Dogwaffle
scriptable interface

by Marco Pontello


> details here

Marco also wrote the Lua scripting interface (DogLua)

the DWA Viewer
A free viewer for animations saved in Project Dogwaffle's native (uncompressed) .dwa format.


includes source code!

There's a compact version that uses the Penny dll, and a standalone, independent version, as well as source code for developers.


This is a plugin for Artweaver, a paint and imaging program. It creates a connection to a running session of Project Dogwaffle (or PD Particles, coming soon), to allow sending images to and from Artweaver directly, without the Clipboard or files.


Artweaver also supports LUA filters with our GUIserver, so you can exchange filters written as Lua scripts between these two programs too.
More info here

Thumb Plug TGA
an extension for Windows Explorer to view thumbnails of TARGA (*.tga) files, which is the preferred format for Project DOgwaffle.


Not specifically made or only for Dogwaffle - but so useful! Another great & free tool by Greggman


Lua Scripting is available for Project Dogwaffle. Make your own filters, test new special fx algorithms, experiment with math, share your filters with Lua/gluas users from GIMP, Artweaver and other programs etc...


more info here - this is perpetual work in progress, as new scripts are created and posted.

make your own custom brushes with this great free demo tool from Manuel Zander


it's the demo version and thus a bit limited in features when compared to the full version but this is so sweet already!

for Dogwaffle
an intelligent print layout manager
another great utility
by Martin Wright


now it's freeware!

Reverse Animation

made for Project Dogwaffle 2.
(It is included with PD Pro)


Martin Wright's
GameDev plugins

filters to import/export image files in Flight & Train simulation games


lots of info for Flightsim users and other gamers. Also includes a general save tool for over a dozen formats, many used by various Direct-X based games. This is a must-have/must-read.

Note: There is a free SDK (software developer's kit) available here for programmers to enable their own, existing programs to communicate with Project Dogwaffle. If you write programs in MS Visual Basic, all it takes is one line of code and you're "in business", meaning your program is able to connect to the Dogwaffle activeX server and request image data, brushes, animation and much more, and send modified data back. You can then easily focus on your special tools, algorithms and applications to make plugins, filters, import/export modules and more. We have examples written in Delphi, Powerbasic and more.

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