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Never Ending

by Ricky Crespo for AniRhythm

It's all About Motion, Beats and Rhythmic Animation.

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Music and visuals by Ricky Crespo, for AniRhythm

Never Ending -

(in)Frequently asked questions:

Q: did it have any/much/some/none of Howler involved?

yes -  the space warp effect and the terrain in the pre-historic planet...

Q: can you mention a few scenes that had Dogwaffle involvement?

the scene that had the alien ship in FTL ( faster than light )  -  based on your tutorials ....

the first - lava pit  terrain as well,  I  rendered a fractal image with mandebulb 3D,  then I ran it through Howler's 3D designer and exported the mesh, and imported it to iclone,  -  then I used the same original fractal image as a glow map to create the fire pit look ...the glow in that center is what created that fiery lava look -  I then put a smoke particle effect over it when filming - then used a distortion effect on my NLE to simulate the heat waves and give it the fire motion.

Q: did you write and record the music?

yes.   The vocals were arranged from a licensed sample collection -  that's actually a girl singing  -  but I processed her to sound like a male singer.

Q: what other tools were mostly used? 3D animation, video composing,...

Howler, special effects - terrain
iclone / 3Dxchange, - animation
Poser - the afro on the main actor
Dac3D, - the character models
Mandlebulb 3D,  the prehistoric terrain
Sony Vegas, - NLE - compositing
Hitfilm, - the visual effects
Paintshop pro, - color grading textures
Grand Designer,  - planets / alien terrain

Q: Anything else worth mentioning?

yeah,  I was going to send you a link to the video, I went to sleep right after uploading and wanted to proof it once more,  you saw it first though -  I like the look though, so it's final

I really enjoy the idea that everything in that video,  including music, was pretty much a computer synthesis / process  -  even the guitar -  which sounds live,  was actually a software synth guitar emulator - there was a time that doing a video and track like this at home was unheard of and very expensive to do - both music and visual  - let alone being able to say you learned many of the CG techniques from youtube videos -  I think I find that more fascinating than the video itself.

I could actually go much further with effects and quality,  but I limited myself to 1 week to not steal too much time away from making music.  Which also speaks volumes for how far technology has come,  - which I also find fascinating when I consider the history of making animation. 

At its core,  all great art is an on-going "Never Ending" experiment!

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”  -Leonardo da Vinci