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Attila Kohl - Page 1
an talented illustrator
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Fantasy cover

Fantasy Princess

Getting started with Digital
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Hello, I'm Attila, and I create illustrations of Fantasy..... History.... Solders...   Portraits..... Maps.....  images of tales from far-away worlds, Games, Children books....and Animals..Dinosaurs too. If you need illustrations, I can work for you!

new!  Updated April & May 2017

look here:

As of May 2011, I am using PD Pro Howler. It is very fast and a nice evolution for Project Dogwaffle. I highly recommend it.

See more of my artwork in the HOTM zone

Black Wolf, leader of
                                              the Cheyenne
black wolf by Attila Kohl

I also have examples of paintings and illustrations

 made with the new PD Pro 5.


November 2009 - Renaissance Woman (details)
                                            painting of woman in
                                            renaissance dress

November 2009 - new artwork created with PD Artist(!)
Cucumber painting by Attil
                                        Kohl, created with PD Artist

 October 2009
Old Metal Texture
old metal
                                          texture painting with PD Pro

 August 2009 - new artwork:
Green Lizzard

Update Spring 2009 -
New examples made with Project Dogwaffle and Poser

Other Examples:
Abraham Lincoln Portrait

Painting out in Dogwaffle Pro 4....
Brushes used:  Large tempera...User:  Pen.....Oily 05....Penny paint....especially GEL brush + Smear....Smudge
Original size: 22 X 27 cm /  9 x 11 inch / ..   without frame... In 300 DPI  Tiff file.....

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln,
                              digital painting by Attila Kohl

Here's another one of my recent paintings,
done with PD Pro: a Maori Warrior

And here is another recent creation, also made with PD Pro, a 13th century Mongolian warrior.
Mongolian warrior
                              digital painting by Attila Kohl

If you like it and would like to hire me for contract work or other commercial illustrations, please contact me.

Stag Beetle

First Drawing in Dogwaffle

And here is my very first drawing I made completely in Project Dogwaffle Professional (PD Pro 4.1): a Red Sparrow

Second Creation - Viking Warrior

Here's my second creation: a Viking Warrior. Done mostly with the special brushes found in the Penny plugin (ed.: Penny is included in PD Pro, and now also available as a free plugin for PD Particles as well as for PD Artist).

I am an Illustrator for Hire

My name is Attila Kohl. I do illustrations, I am an Illustrator, and I like to do precise maps of ancient civilizations, and related drawings. I have been using Illustrator and Photoshop.

I love doing illustrations for books on nature and history, and children books with trying to make things look real. I do many drawings on Dinosaurs and fantasy worlds too.

I recently learned about PD Pro and started with PD Particles and later added PD Pro. I find some very interesting capabilities in these two programs. PD Pro goes beyond drawing, I can experiment with animation and touch on video.

I was attracted to PD Particles's particle brushes, to make hair and grass and other things done easily with such special brushes. Here's one of my first experiments with PD Particles

I'm quickly learning PD Pro's more advanced brushes and features. Version 4.1 has amazing productivity tools, like the Favorites for my custom brushes. And beautiful lens flares!


HOT!  Images
made with
PD Pro 5

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Stag beetle

Lincoln's eyes