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Greg Taylor

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Hello, my name is Greg Taylor - I live in Birmingham, England. UK, and I'm 30+ years old. I am currently studying video game design, I'm a part time student, part time phone operator. 

I discovered "Project Dogwaffle" after purchasing "PD Particles" from the GarageGames website and then became interested in more products and upon visiting the website I purchased the "Cool Creative Bundle" (CCB) which includes a version of PD Pro, Pixarra Twistedbrush, Digital Auto Painter (DAP) and several 3D tools as well.

"PD Particles" was the first version of Project Dogwaffle that I used, but after using "Project Dogwaffle v4" from the CCB I soon realised that "PD Particles" is more of a sample/add on or subset, so V4 became my first fully adopted version. (the CCB now includes v5)
I've been using it only for a few months now
(July 2012) but I'm seeing every day how great it is to help me with my concept art in game projects.
I do not use real (traditional) paints at all but I am constantly sketching (Pencil & Paper) and I find myself editing images (usually with Paint.Net), so I do consider myself an artist at heart, albeit definitely amateur at this point.
I also use 3D tools such as DAZ3D (DAZ Studio), Sculptris Alpha 6, Archipelis Designer & the Unreal Development Kit. I also plan to purchase Poser Pro 2012 as soon as financially possible (man, that's got a steep price :-) ).
My PC didn't start as the hottest gear but it's been evolving over time. I currently use a three year old PC and upgrade the parts as and when required (only the motherboard is the original now after three years)

  OS: Windows 7 64bit
  Processor: AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 "Black Edition" (3.4Ghz Quad-Core)
  RAM: 8Gb DDR2
  Graphics Card : EVGA GTX570 Classified

What I like most about Dogwaffle are the the bristle washes, particle brushes and effects as well as the overall interface. The nova effect is awesome as are the gradients. However I am still learning the program and discovering new things each time I use it.

Not sure what needs improvement in PD, as I have not yet looked at the specs for the newer versions and like I said I'm somewhat new to Dogwaffle but I'd like to see an unlimited undo feature and opaque layers would be very helpful. If either of these are present in newer versions then at the moment it's fine for me.

I also use Art Rage (a version of the program that came free with my graphic tablet) and Paint.Net (perhaps my closest free alternative to Photoshop). As well as the others that are present in the "Cool Creative Bundle".
I don't do video or animation at the present but I have recently purchased Anime Studio 8 Pro and am awaiting its arrival. Animation is definitely something I'll explore too.

All of my images shown here have been created primarily using Project Dogwaffle V4 from the Creative bundle with the exception of "FeatherPit3.5" that was touched up somewhat in ArtRage.


 click the image to enlarge to full view

FeatherPit3.5 Basically was a covered canvas with the Fandango Particle brush preset  and then I burned the darker sections and then dodged the lighter sections and added a light wash with a small brush.

I then used the GiniEffect particle brush preset for the red flames, experimenting with the shaded and tinted features of particle brushes, then again a slight wash of a similar colour and more burning and dodging. I then created the heart with the standard brush and airbrushes in various reds to get the basic shape and very basic shading.

At this point I moved the piece over to Art Rage and added more detail to the grass ,the light bursting through the floor and the shape and shading of the heart with the graphics tablet.

Finally I added a few colored layers (at extremely low opacity) to add light to the center (yellows pinks & blues) and on top of that the heat effects handled in the same way (varying opacity, but remaining below 30%).

The whole piece took 2 hours start to finish.

 Lake 8

click the image to enlarge to full view

Lake 8
was done entirely in Project Dogwaffle v4 and using my mouse.
I took a blank, white, page and drew a line across with the Winter branches particle brush preset.

Doing so created two things : Trees & Roots.So I took a wash (white) to the roots to create the shadowy reflection effect.

I then proceeded to use the wash for the remainder of the painting, using several shades of Grey, Blacks, Blues, Yellows, Greens, Pinks & White (Mainly Greys & Blues).

Finally I added 5 nova effects of different sizes, using pink and blue as the nova colours.

The Whole piece took less than an hour to complete, start to finish.


click the image to enlarge to full view

ULYSky started with a multicoloured sky (Purples,Blues,Yellows,Greens & Oranges).

I then gave the whole thing several washes (light & Lighter) using the same colours as the sky.Repeated 2x

I then used the starry effect for the clouds using various brushes from the brush window. Repeated 2x

Using the Burn, Light wash & splatter to add some shading to the clouds. After this simple lightning effects and two small nova effects the sky was done.

A line of tall trees came first with a row of smaller trees & bushes infront and then the same grass brush with the shading on and off to create a path.

Finally I added some fanciful bushes and added flower effects.

The whole piece was done in Project Dogwaffle v4, with a mouse, and completed in under 30 minutes, start to finish.  

I'll say I am a total noob to this program and have not had any training or followed any tutorials, simply, the interface works really well for me and the program is very intuitive in my opinion. I like to just jump in and explore.

I hope people like these three pieces, there is more on the way, so please come back soon. I don't have a website at the moment but I am looking into it for the future and hope to have that piece of information added here then.


a few more sketches





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