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free add-ons, plugins, brushes and animations for Dogwaffle

    PD Pro, Howler edition
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Free Content (Brushes, Particle settings, Tutorials, Wallpapers...)

Getting started with Digital
Painting on a slim budget:

PD Artist 
Draw, Sketch, Animate & Paint
powered by Project Dogwaffle

  • more Looping Animations:
  • Brushsets use an alternate brushsets (collections of small images for use in internal brushes)
  • - a collection of textures in Dogwaffle's 'pattern' format for use with the custom brush tool. They are bitmap (.bmp)  files starting with the letters "pat_". Unzip and copy these files into your Dogwaffle installation folder.

Free Updates, Patches and Plugins

from 2D to 3D in just seconds!
                                      realistic textured 3D models in
Just trace an outline and see it automagically turn into fully textured 3D shapes for Second Life, Google Sketchup / Google Earth, Direct X & Games, Wavefront OBJ and other popular 3D file formats!

simply trace a shape from a
                                  backdrop image, and see it turn into
rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from mere images - for 3D content creation, games, IM Avatars, SL models, 3D illustration in Photoshop(R) and more
New! now also for Mac!

no, not the sausage kind...
  • More free Patches & Plugins

  • Patches & Plugins for Dogwaffle v2
- 8/2004 - the 2.1b update is here
- 7/2004 - Red-Yellow-Blue:RYB mixer
- 7/2004 - The 2.1a patch is here 
- 5/2004 - The 2.1 update is here 

- Reverse Animation plugin for v2

  • Patches & add-ons for v1.6/1.5/1.15
- Sepia Filter Plugin for v1.6
- Doggybag #2 for v1.5/1.6
- Doggybag #1 for v1.5/1.6

make & use more filters

- Free! Lua scripting

Get the Free!  ModDog Music Player!
listen to your med/mod music files
                                while waffling!

Interested in more Music related tools?
music - moonster - music tools

  More Plugins for various versions: (or Halftone_pf.exe)
(unzip and copy into your Dogwaffle folder)

If you already have such a file it may be included with
your Dogwaffle
version. Don't replace unless you know
 for sure you have
an older version of the plugin.

Demo Versions
The Demo (Trial) version of PD Pro 3 is in the demo zone

The Fully Free Version of Project Dogwaffle -  enjoy!

Digital Painting has never been
so much fun: Learn to paint with Particle Brushes!

PD Particles 

A fun companion for your
digital photo image editor!
powered by Project Dogwaffle

Can't afford it on your own?
get it free through

v1.2 was released as freeware in July 2004
- The old, prior free version 1.11b (dating back to January 2002)
has been replaced with version 1.2 (which is based on subsets of v2.0 core code from around February 2004):

Version: v1.2

If you are not able to purchase a legitimate copy of the latest or recent commercial editions please try the latest freeware version 1.2 here.

grassy hill painted in a few seconds with the freeware version 1.2 -
powered by project dogwaffle's optipustics particle brushes

if you think this is cool, then you should really try the full version with new shading, gain and width controls on particles as well as image-based force fields in PD Pro 3.5