Free Plugins
for Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro

including PD Artist and PD Howler. Some may also work with the freeware version 1.2

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Project Dogwaffle is a perfect system for programmers and software develeopers who are interested in making their own products into plugins to Dogwaffle. Here you will find lugins which we occasionally add to the list of many already existing plugins included with the program.

Note that there are also others, made available for free or for purchase, by third-party developers. >>> 3rd-party plugins.

There are also filters in the form of Lua scripts, and as part of a set included with Doggybags. Look for doggybags in freebies or  whatsnew

General Installation Notes:
In most cases there's no installer for these plugins. Unless there are other instructions specific to a particular plugin, you will want to simply download and extract the zipped plugin files and copy their content into the folder where you have installed Dogwaffle. In some cases, several files are included in a zip archive. In other cases, individual files are offered for direct downloading and copying to your dogwaffle installation folder.

Using the Plugins
Most of these plugins will be executable files (delivered compressed in a zip file). Their filenames will end usually in something like _pm.exe, _pf.exe, _pb.exe, etc... and thus be accessible through the plugins panel of Dogwaffle. You can access the Plugins panel through the 'Window' menu of Dogwaffle, or through the 'k' shortcut. 

        remember:  "k"  stands for   k)iller plugins

Then select the appropriate tab (Brush, Misc, Filter, Import, Export,....) where you will find the newly installed plugin. Simply double-click it to run it.

Keep in mind that some plugins were released a while back for Dogwaffle 1.6 or 2.1 or similar. In many cases, the plugins were later included with the new subsequent release of Dogwaffle. If you already have files of the same name, do not replace them with the ones from here, since perhaps you have a newer version of Dogwaffle that already includes the plugin? Read the details and the date info where available. When you are about to replace an existing file with a new one, Windows will generally ask you if you really want to replace the current file with the new one. It may also give you date information on the two files, so be sure to use that to make an informed decision.


   >>> TransformPlus - Enhanced Transform plugin
  NEW!   (released March 8, 2009)

File: TransformPlus_pf.exe  (size=73.0 KB (74,752 bytes)) - save this file in your Project Dogwaffle Professional installation folder. For example, if you use PD Pro 4, that would be by default:
      C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional
 It will appear in the 'Filter' tab of the plugins panel (keyboard shortcut = 'k'), next to the already existing Transform_pf.exe plugin.

IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS: This version does not work with PD Particles. It was made for PD Pro 4. It also works with PD Pro 3 and PD Artist (which is based on PD Pro 3.2 code) - It will fail with earlier versions - such as PD 2.1 or the freeware version 1.2 - as they don't have the necessary entry points in the drfilter.dll library (namely for the GoodTransform and FastTransform functions) and this the plugin will fail when you start to use it with these older versions. We recommend upgrading to PD Pro 3 or better.


This is an enhanced Transform plugin, with the following changes:
  1. the rotation slider goes from -180 to 180 degrees (earlier version was -360 to 360 and made two full turns, which caused loss of detail in the limited slider size)
  2. there is a checkbox which controls the quality: Smoothing will be slower but result in slightly better quality when dealing with high contrast images such as thin black lines on white background. In earlier versions it was using the quick (non-smoothed) mode while dragging the slider and then did a final render with smoothing. It was not possible to use the filter without the smoothing side-effect. Since it is not always desireable to actually smooth the image, we felt it was best to leave this choice to the user.
  3. there are 4 new buttons around the Reset button which allow you to finely move the image, in 1-pixel increments
  4. there are also 4 buttons for increasing and decreasing the scale and the rotation angle. The angle changes in increments/decrements of 1 (degrees). The scale changes in increments/decrements of 1 if the current size is 100 or less. If the current size is over 100, increasing the size is done by a factor of 1.05, decreasing is done by decrementing 1. This allows faster and 'consistent' upscaling combined with very fine tuning the size by decrementing in single units.
  5. there are text boxes where you can enter the desired angle or size. Note that the size is interpreted as a percentage of original scale. 100 is the default. 200 would make it twice as big as the original
  6. You can use the text boxes and the fine-tune buttons to go beyond the bounds of the slider's limits.
  7. The minimum size is 1 (meaning 1/100 or 1 percent of original size). The maximum is 99999999 (meaning 999999.99 times the original)
  8. The minimum rotation angle is -99999999 degrees. The maximum angle is 99999999. Attempting to go beyond will cause the angle to be truncated 'modulo 360', i.e. reset to close to zero  but same angle.

Also note: if you're using PD Pro 4, the filter you run from the Filter menu directly (Filter>Transform>Transform) is a built-in version, not the external plugin file. Thus, you must run this enhanced TransformPlus filter from the plugins panel.

Here's a screenshot of the new TransformPlus filter at work - enjoy!

   >>> Array to Animation
  NEW!   (added Dec 28, 2008)  convert an array of images to an animation 

File: ArrayToAnimation_pm.exe  - save this file in your Dogwaffle installation folder. It will appear in the 'Misc.' tab of the plugins panel.

It is similar to ArrayToAnimatedBrush (in the 'Brush' category of the plugins panel), but instead of loading the subimages into an animated brush, it loads it into a new animation

This can be useful for animators who want to work on a full sheet with several frames. For example, an array of 4 x 3 frames, 12 total. Or, perhaps a few missing rames at the end (first 11 frames used in this screenshot example). You can use the artist guides to visually show the frame borders, draw the content of all frames, and the split the array into a real frame sequence by way of a new animation.
Click here for a tutorial >>> tutorials

   >>> AVI2AnimBrush
  NEW!   (added Nov 25, 2008)  Load an AVI file directly to animated brush

File: Avi2AnimBrush_v1.0_pb.exe  (size: 47 KB) - right-click and save the link as...; Made for PD 4, may also work also on PD Pro 3, PD Artist, PD 2 and possibly even the freeware version 1.2. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for waffling!

>>>>>>>>>> Learn more: see the tutorials!

Desc: This is a great plugin for animators: load your AVI clips directly into the custom brush as animated brush(!)
Save the above file into the folder where your PD Pro is installed (such as C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional)

After adding it to your installation, you will be able to see this new plugin in the Brush tab of the plugins panel.

  1. Double-click the plugin from the Plugins folder
  2. Select the AVI file
  3. It will tell you how many frames it found in the file, and what size it is (width x height in pixels)
  4. You can also select a subset: it will ask you to select how many frames you want to actually load (with a slider). By default it's the whole AVI file, i.e. all frames
  5. After completion you may want to store the newly created animated custom brush:  Menu -> Store & manage...
Now it's even easier to paint with video (on single frames or on other video!)

   >>> Swap Color Channels: SwapRG, SwapBG and Swap RB  NEW!   (added Nov 23, 2008)
File: 3 (Three) files to swap color channels:
(size 8 KB each) - right-click and save link as...; Made for PD Pro 3 & 4, works also on PD Artist, PD 2 and  freeware version 1.2
Desc: These free plugins are useful for swapping the Red, Green and Blue channels:
  • SwapRG  leaves the Blue channel alone, swaps the Red and Green channels
  • SwapRB  leaves the Green channel alone, swaps the Red and Blue channels
  • SwapBG  leaves the Red channel alone, swaps the Blue and Green channels
(Plugins created by Mojgan Hicks - thanks Mojgan!)

Installation:  download and place a copy of the files in the installation folder of your version of Dogwaffle, such as:
C:\Program Files\PD Pro
C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle
C:\Program Files\PD Artist
C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional

After installation by copying into your Dogwaffle folder, you will be able to find the new filters in the filter plugin window under the Filter tab:

   >>> Multi-Frame Spherize    (added August 2, 2008)
File: MultiFrameSpherize_pf.exe (size = 59.5 KB) - right-click and save link as...; Made for PD Pro 3 & 4, works also on PD Artist
Desc: This free plugin is derived from the Spherize plugin. It applies a spherize effect to all frames of an animation.

   >>> Multi Transform (frame by frame)   
MultiTransform_pf.exe (size = 57.5 KB)      - made for and tested with PD Pro 4. May work with some of the other versions too.
Desc: The Multi-Trasform (frame-by-frame) plugin is derived from the already existing Transform Filter. It has a few additional options, to allow doing transforms, frame by frame, across each frame. This is to do something like manual image stabilization if you have an image sequence such as of photographcs snapped with a cell phone camera, without tripod, and the hand wasn't pointing in exactly the same direction each time.

Installation and Use: This plugin is offered for free but there is no warranties whatsover, expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

To install, simply download the above file and save it directly into the folder where your Project Dogwaffle installation is located. If you're using Project Dogwaffle Professional 4, that would be C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional. The plugin will be available in the Filter tab of the Plugins panel as usual. You should be using it with an animation. Also, the Alpha channel is NOT transformed by this plugin. If there's an alpha mask present, it may yield additional interesting effects.

For example, if you are taking pictures from the same spot over time, in order to create a time-lapse animation, you might find that each picture is a little bit off from the ideal point of view. You might als have a slight tilt (rotation angle) that needs to be adjusted for some frames more than for others.

Additional buttons were added at the bottom-left which allow you to quickly navigate frame by frame
across an animation and apply the desired transform on each frame.

Non-Uniform Scaling: Scale Horizontally or Scale Vertically    (added Dec. 26, 2007)
File: ScaleVertically_pf.exe
Desc: These plugins scale the Main buffer's image, horizontally or vertically, relative to the center of the image buffer. They also scale the alpha channel.

Installation: save the files into the folder where your PD Pro is installed. Next time you open the plugins panel, it will then include the two plugins in the Filter tab of the plugins panel. (not the Filters menu)

Note: Originally made for and briefly tested with PD Pro 4.1 - should also work with PD 2.1, PD Pro 3.x, v5.x and v6 Howler) and the freeware v1.2. May also work with PD Artist. Will however not work with PD Particles.

Color Key to Alpha   - added April 4, 2007
Desc:  - 17 KB
This plugin lets you select (make an alpha mask) from a particular color or
hue which you pick, with tollerance. Add it to the folder where PD is installed. It
will show up in the misc tab on the plugins panel.

Made and tested for PD Pro 4, might work with earlier versions too, but no warranties

DWA_Viewer - the DogWaffle Animation player   - updated Sept. 25, 2006
Desc: - 10 KB
this viewer has been renamed to contain _pm at the end so that it can be copied into the folder of your Dogwaffle installation and appear in the Misc tab of the plugins panel. It needs to be there anyway since it depends on the Penny.dll libraries.

Alternate, Standalone version:
DWA_Viewer_Standalone_Install.exe [size: 1.6 MB] - updated Sept. 26, 2006
This version does not depend on Project Dogwaffle or the Penny dll, so you can use it on a system without any Dogwaffle installation. This is an installer.

Note for software developers: This tool is open source. - 32 KB (includes also the Penny.dll runtime file)

Feel free to customize and make your own.

This is the rewritten source for the DWA(Dogwaffle Animation) animation viewer. It reads the frames and displays them directly from disk, without preloading the whole clip. We're making the source public domain (but not the actual viewer, since it relies on the Penny dll).  You can re-build it without the Penny dll, in which case you'll have to find your own routine for getting the pixels onscreen, or you can use the slower 'Pset' method that is commented out in this source code.  If you don't need to display the frames, and just want the load routines, you're all set.

It's written in VB5. Should compile in vb6 with no problem.

ModDog - the Dogwaffle Mod player (Music)   more music - making music videos - video loops  
see here for details  - first version added Sept. 29, 2005, see details for latest updates
Remember the Amiga days? Ever played music files in .mod or .med format? This is a Mod player using the runtime library from MedSoundStudio - now you can be listening to your favorite mod music while waffling. And of course, with MedSoundStudio you can make your own music too! Give it a try with the Trial edition?
Video legalize
Desc:  -  [7.93 KB (8,127 bytes), added Sept 2005 ]
Video Legalize (gamut) filters for NTSC and Pal.

Plasma noise filters
Desc: -  [7 KB (6,971 bytes)  -  added August 2005]
Adds two new plasma types rendered in different color spaces (HSV, YUV)

Lua Browser
see new note below
Browse and execute lua scripts, and apply them to animation. Lua (DogLua) itself is still a separate download.

We now offer an updated download which contains several components all in one simple download:
  1. the GUI Server and test executables
  2. the Lua Broswer
  3. sample Lua Scripts
The download is available in the DogLua section's download area

HAM screen mode filter in Lua
The Ham script simulates the HAM (Hold and Modify) screen mode.

Install the .lua script and the bmp file in your DogLuaScripts folder.  Place the three _pf.exe files (filter plugins for various 12-bit dithering modes) in the folder where Dogwaffle is installed, if you do not already have these files.

It is assumed that DogLua and the GUI_Server application are already installed.

The GUI server  (for developers)

details coming here soon

Pre-Multiply  for compositing
Desc: [size: 4.13 KB (4,234 bytes)]
Multiply the values in the buffer by the inverse of the alpha channel to prepare for compositing in applications that use pre-mulitplied images. added  Sept.4, 2005  - intended for PD Pro 3.2, may work with earlier versions too.

Brush Transparency
Desc. [size:  20.7 KB (21,255 bytes)]
New tool for improved control of the brush transparency. Added Sept. 9, 2005. - intended for PD Pro 3.2, may work with earlier versions too.
Halftoning filter
Desc.  [size: 4.13 KB (4,234 bytes)]
a Half-toning filter. added June 2005, for PD Pro 3.

Sepia Filter

details about this filter are here

Make Wallpaper, and other plugins - Doggybag #4

for PD Pro 3.2, may work with earlier versions too - details here

Spherize, Doggybag #3

for Dogwaffle 1.2 (freeware version) - details here

Doggybag #2

for Dogwaffle 1.5/1.6 - details here

Doggybag #1

for Dogwaffle 1.5/1.6 - details here