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Project Dogwaffle - Overview

Fun, Fast & Affordable PC Software for Artists who love to Draw, Sketch, Animate and Paint!
PD Howler
fast digital painting
Let's howl!
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What's Dogwaffle?
About us: who's who

::Recent  Dogwafflers:

the games works
Anime by

Fiddler by
Dogwaffle frog art by frogdot

More Artists - DOTM
Dogwafflers of The Moment
a bunny by bluemoon
                                                studios' Jennifer Goss

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   PC Formatmagazine:
"Top Gear"
top gear award from PC
                                        Format magazine's Editor
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                                  plus value award
+ PC Utilities magazine

> 3Dworld magazine

10 out of 10!
(for value)

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                            archived radio shows

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 The Many Faces of Project Dogwaffle:   Product Overview/Summary
Why choose this one?
PD Howler 2024 (v17) PD Howler 2024 (v17) is here
PD Howler 2023 (v16) PD Howler 2023 (v16) is here
PD Howler 2022 (v15) PD Howler 2022 (v15) is here
PD Howler 2021 (v14) PD Howler 2021 (v14) is here
PD Howler 2020 (v13)
PD Howler 2020 (v13)  is here
PD Howler 2019 (v12)
PD Howler 2019 (v12) is here
PD Artist 11 Discover the lighter side of Axehead
PD Howler 11 Callouts, greatly enhanced Puppy Ray, and a lot more - Discover Axehead here
Artist 10 No animation, but same as Howler otherwise - The newest release is here learn more  - Now also on Steam!
Howler 10 Paint, 3D, VFX, Video & animation - The newest release is here learn more  - Now also on Steam!
Particle 9 New release for PD Particles! greatest little paint program!... also on Steam! Learn more
Artist 9.6 More affordable than Howler, but without animation or video tools. learn more
Howler 9.6 New tools added for working on greenscreen, video, compositing... learn more
Howler 9.5 The latest, this one has a lot of new features for generating landscapes with erosion, shadows, sediments, clouds etc...
Learn more about Howler 9.5

Howler 9.2

Howler 9.2 includes a GPU-accelerated version of Puppy Ray, and a lot more.
learn more about Howler 9.2
PD Pro 9 Howler edition
(PD Howler)

Now with Puppy Ray.The newest member of the Howler product line, for digital painting, animation, now also with Ray Tracing!

learn more

PD Pro 8 Artist edition
(PD Artist)

No animation, just digital painting.
Now also with GPU support in 3D Designer, Bokeh blur and fractal filter.

Latest release for PD Artist 8:      8.2b  8.2c
version 8.2 - "Skyock's Egret"
Version 8.0 - what was new in "Broomhead"
PD Pro 8 Howler edition
(PD Howler)

Supports digital painting AND animation. Not the latest, still one of the greatest!
Latest release for PD Howler:     8.2d
version 8.2 - "Skyock's Egret"
Version 8.1 - what was new in "Oh Sassy!"
Version 8.0 - what was new in "Broomhead"

PD Pro 7 Artist edition

- Fast & Refreshing digital painting
- powered by PD Pro 7.2
- excludes support for animations

  (but includes animated brushes)

PD Pro 7 Howler edition

PD Pro 7.2 Howler edition
PD Pro 6 Artist

Alsoknown as PD Artist 2 - the re-birth of the Artist editions (no animations, but lower priced)

PD Pro 6 Howler

Alsoknown as PD Howler 1  - The first of the Howler editions
PD Pro5

Nowalso free from the author  at

- Refreshing digital painting
 - great value
- Not the latest, still one of the greatest!
- available for free through TrialPay
- as seen on CoolCreativeBundle

PDPro 4

- The first with forcefields on particles brushes!
PDPro 3.5

- Free with Purchase of Curvy 3D v2
- available for free through TrialPay

- includesfree 3.7 update

PDArtist 1

- based on a subset of PD Pro 3.2
- fun and powerful digital painting for everyone! 
available for free through TrialPay


- digital painting has never been so much fun
- particle systems attached right to your brush!
- available for free through TrialPay

- the freeware starter version,
- yes free as in free beer, for the rest of us
- based on a subset of v2.1

- available for free through TrialPay

get it
                                                          free, through
                                                          Trialpay>>>Some of our products are also available free through TrialPay - free to you when you buy another product or service. Examples: send flowers for Mother's Day, buy antivirus protection, subscribe to Netflix, and many more essentials!

 ProjectDogwaffle in Animations & Post work:      > animations
Dogwaffle+ Carrara Studio
Lava flow
                                                          on 3D

  Dogwaffle+ Lightwave 3D

Postworkon Screen captures
post work
                                                        over FS9
                                                        flightsim crash
                                                        of V747

  Slideshows  powered by Flash | Javascript | Flash

Conceptart by Avishek

the art of dogwaffle tutorial
                                                          collection 2
tutorialcollection #2:
"The Art of Project Dogwaffle"

  Testimonials + Feedback + Awards + Reviews
"It has an amazingly easy learningcurve. It's the only natural paint program (and I tried a few others) that I got proficient with, in the fastest possible time - simply by experimenting!"
-Avishek Sen Gupta, India
users    > awards  > reviews > wafflers
  What is Project Dogwaffle? It's Paint &Animation Software for your PC
  More Art, More Fun - what'scool?  makemusic videos 

                                                          talking birds
                                                          - PD Pro 3.2 new in PD Pro 3.5:
make your own

fast trees
what's possible?

 Making Textures & looping Animations
too cool - video animations by
create coolvideo fx & loops
a collection of video FX plugins by PJW Productions

accessor join the Official
DogwaffleDiscussion Forum:

                                                          here to join
Clickto join dogwaffle
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toknow more?
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 Foreign Language Versions or Information
  Tutorials: Learn digital painting and animation the easy way



billboard polygons!

Compositing techniques:

Pigment Profiles!

Post work on Animations with AnimeStudio/Moho

:: News & Events :

DOTM: leaftracker

new! Read the
PD Howler Review

                                                          Anis reviews
                                                          PD Howler 1
                                                          aka PD Pro 6
by famed Carrara 3D Artist
and Photographer
Danas Anis
Related tool:
now for Mac too! (and Windows of course ;-)
Nobody's perfect, this one comes very close though
PD Artist 2new!
is available!
just paint!
PD Pro 6
has a new name:

PD Pro Howler

PD Howler
it's howling fast!

                                                          created with
                                                          PD Pro Frame

new filters, Penny integration and more
DoggyFX 1.2, the video FX & animation pluginfor PD Pro,
  is nowfree!

>details here:

Dogwafflerof the Moment:
Frank Bonacquisti

maori warrior by Attila
Attila Kohl's "Little Sparrow"
"My First PD Pro 4 Creation!"

Newart by Dan Ritchie:
a review by Tom Arah:
Paint Magic review in
                                            PC Pro magazine5
 PolarMapping Correction

for 3D Spherical projections

:: must-have Plugins :
Special Effects for
Video FX artists!

Gertrudis forDogwaffle

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