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Newsletter #204 - Memorial Day 2024


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Hello again!

It's been a while since last newsletter.

The latest build of PD Howler 2024 is still build #92. Check details at
This is a free update if you've already got Howler 2024. If you had ordered it erlier from us at via BMTmicro store, you should have received an update notification by email. Check you inbox or spambox if you can't say you remember receiving it. Contact us if need be.
If you have the PD Artist edition, you might want to upgrade to Howler. The builds are more recent. We are having a great promo too this week for Memorial day. 75% off the regular price, much better than the usual 50% off for upgrades.

With Dan having had his laptop stolen however, it may take a while before he's back to coding. Maybe some of the code needs to be re-written. TBD. He's also battling health issues, many of us have had a bad winter experience with the infection in the lungs (RSV).

Let's hope for a speedy recovery and restoration of coding ability.

Time to upgrade to v17 - Howler 2024 ?  Save 75% off the regular price!

We're offering a steep discount for Memorial Day on our regular price of PD Howler 2024 for the next 1 week, no discount code needed. This discount is automagic. It expires June 4.

You can order the 2024 editions of PD Howler or Artist and even the lesser-priced 2023 versions are at extra discount. Select your desired product(s) and also look for the extras, those new tutorial collectionss with many tips and tricks. There will be more over time, and for those already out, we might occasionally release an additional video with it or re-lease some existing ones for faster download.

Order here:
If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know.

Alternatively, if you prefer to support the developer, Dan Ritchie, directly, albeit with different pricing (often even cheaper) - please order from Dan at directly. He accepts PayPal and will set a download link for you usually within 1 day, sometimes 2.


Reminder: videos and tutorials on YouTube

Stay up to date on new features here:
We have new samples and teasers there. Check it out. We continue also to explore ways to use Dogwaffle with Blender. We also use MoHo (aka AnimeStudio) sometimes such as to convert a video by re-rendering it and keyframing some moves and scaling along the time line. It's very useful at times to pre-emptively adjust the part of the video you want to work with.


 Here is a preview of the videos in the latest tutorial collection about a drone and more video tools:

H24 - Howler 2024 VideoTools - the Teaser

H24 VideoTools02- Preamble: (ab)using Anime Studio for easy video conversion

Here we use MoHo (aka AnimeStudio) to re-render a video and save it to another format for easier import with PD Howler. You could use it for image sequences, or for AVI with our favorite codecs.


A Wooden Picnic Table - Kudos to poly haven

We recently started using free models from -- great stuff for our OBJ loader with PBR physics based rendering. The models come in Blender3D (.blend) format, included in a zip archive with textures for materials too. Easy to adapt and use, for personal and commercial uses, royalty-free. We recommend it, and encourage you to seek out their Patreon side and support them too. No pressure though. It's free and in the spirit of helping other artists. We download a model to the Downlaods folder, extract it, open the .blend file in Blender, go to File > Export to save it back as Wavefront OBJ file, with materials and other optional details, ......  Looks great when used in Howler. You might need to convert some of the materials if they are .exr formats. You may also want to fiddle with the materials. SOme items for PBR are slightly different from how Howler uses them. But all in all, great options!

The following animation below was made with just a few renders and then further animated with the Motion Prediction Module for slow motion estimated animation.

Gradients with Transparency

Chromatic Aberration - for Pretty(-ier) Skies

Tablet recording: Using a new Low cost Pen Tablet with Project Dogwaffle

Working with Stabilized Video - Teaser Intro

This one is from another tutorial collection available for purchase. It is on sale too during the Memorial Day promo - 75% off!!!

One of our favorite topics is Space, so we love to explore the tools that make this. You can find this tutorial collection available at discount too.

TEASER: from Chocolate Coffee to Mars and Beyond!


And last but not least -

MyMedia13b - sample animated Sky filter, with slight post

Thank you for waffling and howling, have a wonderful and creative rest of February!

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