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Project Dogwaffle 2.1
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Discovering Project Dogwaffle
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The Art of Project Dogwaffle
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What's new?

latest Patches?


Cool Stuff with
Particle Brushes

The Optipustics fractal particle system. Make foliage, shrubbery, grass, fireworks, waterfalls, animated things and more.

see lots of Particle magic here


Timeline The Timeline Editor
Make a turbulent sky and move it: Applying filters over the frames of an animation
download here
(2.9 MB zipped)

The Exposure Sheet
Lipsynching your cartoon characters against an audio track in Wave file format.

New version 2.2 of Exposure Sheet included with the all new PD Pro 5.1

 the new Exposure sheet 2.2 for PD Pro 5.1


Animated Brushes &
The Brush Keyframer

Creating animated brushes and animating them through the Brush Keyframer.

view it  here  or here

or download the AVI here
5.2 MB, zipped, WMV3 codec)

Fantastic Space Art with
Make instant gaseous nebulae, star clusters and galactic clouds!

download here (3.5 MB zipped)

Want to see more examples?
Check these

Doing post work on computer graphics animations:

Improving rendered frames of a 3D animation by adding such things as light diffusion and film grain.
download here
(5.6 MB zipped)

Want to see more examples?
Check these

into 3D: draw a shape, and see it
automatically turn it into 3D
simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
cool tool for rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from images

animated Map creating and animating a
Treasure Map
Give it the look of old parchment, then use the stroke player to paint a cummulative animation path!
download here
(2.1 MB zipped)

or view it  here
(2.8 MB un-zipped

Buffer manip tools

The Buffer
(now the 'Image' menu)

Got a single frame or a whole CG animation? Quickly crop to selection, rotate, flip, resize, invert, improve  dynamic range and lots more!

view it  here  or here

or download the AVI version here 
(1.8 MB, zipped,
WMV3 codec)

Using the
SWAP Buffer
with the text tool

download here
(3.6 MB zipped)

Instant 3D
Using heightfield maps . Great to make your own techno gadget/sci-fi backgrounds. Spin it around with the Timeline plugin.
download here
(2.4 MB zipped)

or here

(2.4 MB zipped)


Using the menu option:
File > Prefs
to customize your settings

download here
(4.5 MB zipped)