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                      testimonials - what artists say about painting,
                      animating, waffling with Project Dogwaffle

What the artists, painters, illustrators, game developers & animators say

about Project Dogwaffle's PD Artist, PD Howler and PD Particles.

HOT!  The latest version of PD Howler 11 is here!  
Waffles says "Let's howl!"

We are excited to have created this paint program, which we love and use ourselves every day in professional creativity as well as for hobby, relaxing art dabbling, exploring and experimenting with colors and shapes. But it's even more exciting when our friends and customers send us such positive feedback as shown here.

I have recently purchased Project Dogwaffle Howler 11 and it has been the best creative purchase by far for me in regards to getting the creative images from my head into something more concrete on my computer. 

There are so many variables in the program from brushes, filters, effects, renderings, animation etc  that there is NO LIMIT to what you can create!

I am also greatly appreciative of the time and effort that has gone into the online tutorials that have been created for this software.They are very thorough, precise, and clear and really do help the user master the software to create amazing art. If one is a novice like myself these are almost as invaluable as the  software itself in helping one  begin to see the endless possibilities that are in this incredible painting program. 

I will definitely be passing on Project Dogwaflle Howler 11 to my friends.


R. Vigliotti

"I Downloaded  V8 with no problems, 
If I can do it, anybody can!!!!!!!
Many thanks for the FANTASMAGORICLE  program
 Regards Diana

Ich muß ihnen zu Dogwaffle ein Kompliment machen,... ich arbeite schon jahrelang mit Phoxxxxxp, Corxx Paixxxx und anderen Programmen, ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass mich noch etwas überraschen kann, aber mit Dogwaffle ist das gelungen! Seit dem ich das Programm installiert habe vergaß ich Coxxx Pxxxxxx zu benutzen. Wäre mir Dogwaffle vorher schon bekannt gewesen, hätte ich Cxxxx Pxxxxxx erst gar nicht gekauft und mir viel geld sparen können. Ein feines Programm ist Dogwaffle und als tip habe ich es den usern der photocommunity empfohlen.

a.gharbi, Deutschland

>>>> See the feedback for PD Pro 5 users here

My daughter is 12 and has been able to figure out your program without any help from my wife and me.  She had previously used (MS) Paint but found it too limiting.  It is amazing what she has been able to accomplish with your program.  We are getting the word out.  And about the only thing that tops it is your personal support.
-Eric R.  

I am very very grateful to Dogwaffle, it changed my life! It is going to give me a second career as an artist. If it was not for digital art i would have never met some great artists. Like Maria, my wife! So thanks a million Phil & Dan!
"... We also noticed today when we went for a walk in the park, we were paying much more attention to how the grass, bushes and trees looked. Nature is much more artistic than we realised in the past."   -Ted V.
"... it has an amazingly easy learning curve. It's the only natural paint program (and I tried a few others) that I got proficient with in the fastest possible time simply by experimenting."

-Avishek Sen Gupta, India -
   "I absolutely love Dogwaffle. Whenever I need to vent some creative energy it's perfect."
  -Bjorn Kristinsson

  "Project Dogwaffle is one of the best paint programs you could ever find."    
  "I would recommend Dogwaffle to anyone looking for a powerful PC paint program."
 -Jon Baird, North Carolina

"Dogwaffle is worth every cent I paid for it!"

   I've used your free dogwaffle [v1.11b] for 4 months and I drew quite a few things with it including some backgrounds in flash animations I did on 

   When I first tried out DogWaffle I thought to myself--'this is very powerful software'.  Today was my first visit to your site and I'm surprised to see how I barely scratched the surface of the program.

  Actually, the reason for my visit to your site was to re-download my lost friend.  Thanks for making such an awesome program!!!

 Barron Shipley

Dogwaffle is definitely the best paint program around.  Here's my first effort done solely with Dogwaffle (version 2).
Tuktu - Moose - Dave's first
                                            Dogwaffle painting
Tuktu by Dave (click for larger image)
"If you are a student, an artist or illustrator on a [tight] budget then I will definitely recommend this program."

"Digital artists will enjoy the ease of creating effects that closely mimic traditional media." 

   What I do is, I have loved oil painting all my life on real canvas. But I have not done any for the last ten years. I have a computer now with Broadband ten times faster. One day I thought I will look for a painting Program on the web just a few weeks past.

   My was I in for a teriffic surprise when I came across a Program called DogWaffle. It turned out to be better than real oil Painting. It is that good, you can do endless creative things. Your imagination runs away with you.

   I am so glad I found DogWaffle, I use it every day. I tell all my friends about DogWaffle.

-Bon Sanderson, England

"I do 3D work. My (long term) plans for Dogwaffle are twofold - to augment 3D images with custom textures and post processing work; I'll also be working on 2D images. I never gave much thought to 2D computer graphics since I was and am interested mainly in 3D graphics and animation as sort of a medium of personal artistic expression. However, I purchased a tablet to use in my 3D graphics work and it came bundled with another popular paint program, which, when I began using it turned out to be a lot of fun. But the upgrade to their latest full version was $150. So, after exploring all my options for a more complete natural painting program I decided Dogwaffle is a much better deal at $67. What sold me on Dogwaffle is the animation tools and the procedural brushes. I am extremely impressed and quite pleased with the choice I made to buy version 2 of Dogwaffle. I don't know if I'll ever get around to using all of its features but it's nice to dream :-)

"I would and will recommend Project Dogwaffle to anyone looking for a powerful PC paint program. Thanks."
-Jon Baird
North Carolina
"I love this program!  This is a keeper and has it's own  particular uses even if you own other painting applications. adds to your arsenal to create.  It looks as if the customer support is first rate to boot.  Quick responses to everyone.
The patch (2.0b) did speed it up on my machine at 1.1 ghz as well. Great product and I can't wait to see it develop in the future.  Money well spent."

Paul A. Laine
Laine Visuals
"I have to say that The Dog has the best tech support of any program that I have ever used, including ISPs, etc... Bravo and take a bow."

  -Tiffanie Gray

"I chanced on your site when looking for a true painting program and when I saw examples employing the ' tempera ' brush I recognized a style that I had last seen in a painting program that I wrote in the late '80's...

When I test ran the free version I was amazed at the ease of use and the pure painting effects and already I can see that it will get me back into painting . Also I have four grand children aged 8 to 11 who come  here every Saturday and this is is just what they need to expand their creativity.
Best wishes"
John Bichard
Welwyn Garden City, U.K.
PD Pro, Howler edition -                                        paint and animate!

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"I appreciate this program even more after reviewing 3 other paint programs today and it was not pretty!! Dogwaffle is worth every cent I paid for it!! :-)  "

-Richard, aka RamArts

"I'm a mother of two, I got into the program, and I first believed it was shareware or something, but wow, it (v1.11b) is totally free. At any rate,this thing is really quite amazing. I like art, have my own style but kinda locked in... my one child has a comical style, and my  older one is an untapped artistic well. So much to do, so little time. We are all gleeful about this thing. I have to say that compared to the paint program we have, as well as inexperience in computer use, this will be a joy to have. Thanx Dan for coming up with a tool that sparks such imagination."

     -Nada, Canada
"I HAVE to say that PD is so-nice-beautiful-great piece of  software, that I use it with pleasure  everytime I open it, it's like  dessert!!! I have owned a copy of Project Dogwaffle since the first version, but I always want to get the latest version with all the new features you add to it."

       Fernando Gonzalez
       DIGITAL SHOP, Mexico

I can't remember how I ended up on the Dogwaffle site, but I haven't turned back since. I absolutely love Dogwaffle. Whenever I need to vent some creative energy it's perfect. I usually don't worry about what to draw or what to do, I just experiment.  [more]

Curvy 3D fast and easy 3D
                                      modeling, sculpting, painting,
                                      posing for 2D artists

"...It works very well with my mouse. I can't sketch on any other paint program out there but with Dogwaffle I can do exactly the same thing with the mouse that I can with a pencil. One of the most incredible things about it, at least to me. "
 - Kelly Christiansen

"Just had to say thanks for a wonderful program. Downloaded it a couple of days ago and I LIKE IT. I`m a Terragen addict but in this case Terragen has been confined to the background. Hope you like how I`ve put your baby to work."

      bill c
      Bonnie, Scotland

"I'm 15 years old, ... I'm usually more into traditional drawing, and can often be found with a pencil and sketch pad- but Dogwaffle lets me come close to the real thing, "  - Cj  [more...]
"...resident in Germany near Konstanz, as hobby I draw my pictures with your program. I find it so easy & free for me drawing with P.C. is more easy....  I don't have a formal education in art, it's just my hobby,... so it is very nice relaxation to use Dogwaffle for painting my art and explore." 

Iman Omar  [more...]
"I LOVE IT (v1.6) it's fast now that is the best  improvement!"


"... I feel that anyone interested in painting or drawing fantasy art on a tight budget should consider taking a good look at Dogwaffle 1.5 and at the very least check out the free version 1.11b. " Bill Fleming  [more...]

"I love this program.  It is the only one I have found so far that allows me to paint on the computer in almost the same way as I would paint in oils on a real canvas."  "I admit I am still very much a novice with Dogwaffle, but I am having a ball with it!"
Donna L. Smith  [more...]

Creative Cow review: "Jannis Labelle takes a look at a new paint program called Dogwaffle. Jannis was quite surprised that Dogwaffle would have such power for only $45. Forget about comparing it with other more established programs, if you want to have fun painting, you'll find it with Dogwaffle."   [more...]

"Ich hoffe, daß ich ein wenig dazu beitragen kann, daß Dogwaffle bekannter wird - es ist ein klasse Programm !!!"

"I hope I have contributed a little bit to make Dogwaffle better known - it is a super cool program !!!"

-Rohi  [more...]

                    Dogwaffle fre through Trialpay

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