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 Elevation Maps: just my QR code

Elevation Maps  |  Landscapes 3D-designer   |   Puppy Ray  

I was looking at my electronic Covid-19 vaccination certificate the other day, and noticed the QR code. Then I thought that could be the start of an elevation map too, and why not?

We start with the QR code, slightly modified for privacy. Use your own.

Rendered in PuppyRay


This can easily be rendered with extra attributes such as bump maps or texture maps


We used an extra texture, something like this. That's created in PD Howler after disabling the weathering.

This one combines the QR Code with the prior image, and we're zoomed in to a smaller subset.

Tried a few other combinations, edge enhance and more,

Added slight light diffusion. That will add a little bit of slopes. Or you can add smoothing at the 3D level.


Rendered in Puppy Ray. (GPU)

Took the Crystalize filter on the elevation map, then threshold filter and added some hefty light diffusion. There is a bit more action on the slopes


Took the map into 3D Designer and added Erosion and coloring based on Slope and Elevation.

Erosion map  -

Color map, combined with erosion for slight darkening in the eroded gullies/valleys)

Elevation map combined with erosion

Rendering now shows some green regions in lower areas

Lower the terrain below the water line and render with that

Animate it.

After the rendering of the animation is completed, use it in a second (recursive) rendering. The first rendering becomes the elevation map of the second animation.

Keep exploring. Have fun!

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