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PD Howler 9.1 rc1 - a Patch from Howler 9.1 rc3

PD Pro, Howler edition
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This is a fix for the bug with the secondary (right-button) color picker, seen only in the color "Wheel" palette.

If you use PD Howler 9.1, first release candidate, (rc1) which started to ship January 13, 2014, you may have noticed a bug that causes Howler to crash, when using the right button to pick a secondary color from the color Wheel (the bug does not exist from any other color palettes, only with the Wheel palette).

You can learn more about it and find a workaround in this video on our youtube channel: Houston we have a problem - a workaround to the 9 1 color Wheel bug -

Below is a way to fix it:

0. Before updating the patch:  Make sure that Howler 9.1 is not currently running. Quit your current Dogwaffle session if you have one running. Also be sure there's no stale ghost session still running. Sometimes the window of Dogwaffle may have closed upon exit, but a dogwaffle.exe process may still be running. Use the Task Manager to search for processes named dogwaffle.exe. For example, use Ctrl+Shift+Escape keys to open the Task manager, and select the Processes tab. If you see a dogwaffle.exe process, select and Stop it.

1. Find the folder where your current installation of Howler 9.1 lives. Probably that is  C:\Program Files(x86)\Howler but it could be different especially if you had multiple installations, various versions, or had chosen a non-default location during installation of 9.1.

2. Go to that folder, using Windows Explorer. Look for the files whose name starts with 'd' as in dogwaffle.

3. You will find a file named dogwaffle.exe in there.
The dogwaffle.exe file has a size of about 12.4 Mb (12,740 Kb). Note: If your Windows Explorer 'Folder Settings' are set to hide the extensions of known file types, it may appear simply as 'dogwaffle', without the .exe extension at the end. Iif that's the case, then we recommend that you change your Folder settings  You should always know exactly which file is which, especially when multiple files of same base name (but different file type extensions) might exist in the same folder. How would you know if an image file is image.jpg or image.bmp or image.png etc? They may all be associated with the same default image viewer.  If you need help with checking and changing your Folder options, look for it in the Control Panel.

4. Copy or Rename the existing dogwaffle.exe file, for example renaming it to dogwaffle-old.exe, or copy it over to another folder. The goal is to have a backup copy of that file so you can easily restore it if you prefer.

5. Download this file: dogwaffle.exe  and save it into your Howler folder, overwriting the existing dogwaffle.exe. Or you can save it elsewhere, such as the Desktop or a Download folder, and later copy or move it over to the Howler installation folder.

6. You now have the old 9.1 installation (from rc1), but with a patched dogwaffle.exe file from rc3 (we call it release candidate 3, or rc3). This one should no longer show the bug. Test it as follows:

Testing that you have it fixed:

Start Dogwaffle. If you're still looking at the Howler folder and the new dogwaffle.exe file in it, you can in fact double-click that new dogwaffle.exe file right there to start it. Or you might want to run it as Administrator once, right-clicking the file and selecting Run As Administrator... in case it needs to be re-registered.

Select the color palette Wheel. Right-click in the color wheel to see the secondary color change accordingly as you drag the cursor in the wheel, with the right button down. This should no longer cause a crash.