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  Attila Kohl

Dogwaffler Extraordinaire

  PD Pro, Howler


Say hello to Attila the Hun(garian)

Attila Kohl is a professional illustrator who lives in Hungary and who uses Project Dogwaffle extensively for book illustrations. Read his DOTM page info too

New images (Fall 2012)

"Landscape with particles brushes"


"Native American Shield"

native american shield

"Celtic Torc"


"Aztec Warrior"

Aztec Warrior,
                digitally painted by Attila Kohl
click image to enlarge

"Lonely Little Fox"

Lonely little fox


apple, painted by Attila Kohl in PD Howler 8

"The Last Breath"

The Last Breath

"Stormy Clouds"

stormy clouds

"Particles Desert"

Particles Desert

"Trees and Bushes"

Trees and bushes, with particle brushes

"Lights and Trees"

Lights and Trees, using Foliage brushes

"Particles Monster"

Particles Monster

My Rainy Snowy Window

I just sit a little and try some brushes...
was made very fast.. 10 - 12  minutes..but when I finished
I saw it was impressive so i thought  I show you...
I hope you like it too

My Snowy
                Rainy Window
click image to enlarge

Sea Waves

sea waves
click image to enlarge

Stormy Seas

stormy seas

Cheyenne Chief  Black Wolf

                          Wold digital painting by Attola Kohl
click images to enlarge

click images to enlarge

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Up on the River

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