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  Fast Digital Painting, powered by Project Dogwaffle
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the Daily Dose

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let's howl
let's howl
let's howl


The Linear Alpha Fader

Stroke Player Basics

Lighting an X-ray Skull

In the Beginning.... Vanishing 3D Perspective Text

Dorpus (speed painting)

Horse Puppy (speed painting)

Experiment #1

Brushed Metal on Text

The Rock video (texturing)

Just kinda Weird

Stormy Skies & God Rays

Fast Blur

Painting Textures with the Lighting tool


SlitScan with Mandelbrot Fractals

3D Lighting

new! Quick tutorial videos on Youtube:

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Daily Dose
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cereally... it's ok to play with your food
a sneak peek into the future
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the english gentleman

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new lighting tool:
let there be light

misty church with God Rays
See the tutorial in
the Daily Dose!