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Way up there please....

music by John Somnitz (aka Dj D'Artagnan)

PLEASE NOTE: are you a game developer? looking for music for your video project? contact Philip, we have a bunch of awesome tunes and we can make more royalty-free or specially for your game or video productions.

PD Pro 5 Celebration! 
the new MOD music player which is included with Dogwaffle, ModDog now supports mp3 - to celebrate, Dj D'Artagnan is giving away a few songs in mp3 here for your enjoyment while you paint and animate with the all new Project Dogwaffle Professional version 5!

Happy waffling & dancing!

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As Seen on




Maiden Voyage

by DJ d'Artagnan


by DJ d'Artagnan

More songs by John Somnitz  --- at the  Cool Creative Bundle

  from AEoN

    Our new CELTIC music project:  Return to Stonehenge - traditional & modern finally meet

from prior & other productions by John Somnitz:

and short samplers/teasers: