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It's great to live in a parallel universe!

Parallels Desktop for Mac

" know, for the Mac to win, Windows doesn't have to loose!"
 (Steve Jobs at MacWorld expo 10 years ago)

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PD Particles
PD Artist
PD Pro 4
PD Pro 5
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After you get Parallels desktop for Mac along with your Windows CD, you'll be able to enjoy great creative PC-only programs like the ones shown below:

Digital Painting has never been
so much fun: Learn to paint with Particle Brushes!

PD Particles - $19

A fun companion for your
digital photo image editor!
powered by Project Dogwaffle

Getting started with Digital
Art on a tight budget?

PD Artist - only $39
Draw, Sketch, Animate & Paint
powered by Project Dogwaffle

 What is Parallels Desktop for Mac?

Parallels Desktop for Mac is the first solution for Intel-Macs that gives you the flexibility of running Windows on a Mac simultaneously without rebooting.

It is fast and flexible by enabling you to run critical Windows-only applications like Internet Explorer, Outlook, Project, Access and Quicken at full speed. And of course great digital painting tools like Project Dogwaffle and PD Particles.

Because Windows is completely isolated from your OS X, there is no chance of infecting your Mac with Windows viruses. What is more, running Windows through Parallels is more secure now than running it on a real PC. The one-click installation is simple, intuitive, and automatically installs and configures your Windows hardware drivers.

With Parallels Desktop for Mac you can now run all the applications you need without switching between Windows and Mac OS X! The new feature - Coherence shows Windows applications as if they were running natively on your Mac. Use Coherence to truly enjoy the best of both worlds at the same time!

Transporter is a powerful new built-in tool that quickly helps you to migrate your existing Windows PC to a Parallels Virtual Machine and to convert VMware and Virtual PC virtual hard disks to Parallels virtual machines.

Also, Parallels Desktop for Mac now supports USB 2.0 devices at their full speed. Better Boot Camp support is now available. Using your Boot Camp partition in Parallels Desktop for Mac is now easier than ever: no need to re-activate Windows each time you switch between Boot Camp and Parallels.

Also, now available - easy offline configuration. Simply tell Parallels Desktop for Mac that you want to create a virtual machine from a Boot Camp Partition and click start.

True "Drag and Drop" functionality - a long awaited feature that lets you seamlessly drag and drop files and folders from Windows to Mac OS X and vice versa.

Parallels Desktop for Mac now shares the entire Mac file structure between OS X and Windows - no more worrying about which copy of the file is the most recently updated.

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Using Linux? There is a Parallels for Windows and Linux too!

redefining the meaning of window-shopping on a Mac

When you get
Parallels Desktop
for Mac, you'll need
Windows to run inside it.
Windows 7 is what
we recommend

Want to paint and animate on your Mac with Windows running in Parallels for Mac?

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