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I just wanted to say, there was a review of it in the latest ImagineFX mag.  It looked so exactly what I needed that I came straight away to the site and bought it.

I love it!  It's fantasic and just what I need in my artwork  For a quality programme like this it is the best value for money I've found all year.   I'm delighted with it and will be showing the results off to all my friends who have an interest in graphic art. Thanks fir making my year.

-Helen, England

Thanks for the helpful links. I heard about PD through the Lightwave forum on yahoo. Someone recommended it and I went to the web site to check it out.  I have been looking for something with a more "painterly" brush form for 2d artwork and this is the closest I've seen it. Far superior to what's available in the two best known apps, the big guns.
Thanks again.
J. Barros, North Carolina

I have been using Terragen for many years with my pupils at school (in England) and have just bought Particles for myself  ...  I think the kids at school would love it so I was wondering if you do education prices?

J. Marsh
ps - a superb program!!!!

Just wanted to say that I think PD Particles is a great asset to people like myself who do illustration for a living and are always on the lookout for intelligent programs that short-cut labour intensive work, like foliage. 
Keep up the good work chaps,
Kindest regards,

Hello, thanks for the great program!
 My daughters  are already creating "artwork" which we will cherish. My younger one has Down's Syndrome, so most painting programs are beyond her level, but with PD
Particles it's just a few simple clicks and she is on her way.  I originally intended to use the program as part of the MiddleEarth-DEM Project  by painting flora into some of the renders I do, from  digital elevation models we create of Tolkien's Middle Earth, but that will have to wait until we can register another copy, as the program is now firmly installed on my daughters' computer and in their eager hands.  I am sure they will enjoy it for a long time.
Thank you very much.

I am very impressed ...  You may even make a 2D artist out of me. I have seldom come across two more intuitive and useful programs. (referring to PD Particles and PD Pro)

Excellent stuff from the team.

Thanks :-)

Tony B.




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