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Blue Screen Compositing
using video of a running man rendered in Poser with blue background,
and combining it with another animated background made in PD Pro

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Part 4: Bluescreening

Now it's time to do the blue screening.

Make sure you have the animation loaded, i.e. that of the running man showing in front of a blue background.

Launch the animation Timeline editor:

menu: Animation > Timeline...

The timeline is a collection of filters which can be rendered not only on a single frame but across all frames of the animation.

Plus, if there are parameters like sliders, they can be keyframed and interpolated along the timeline.

The filters in the timeline are organized by groups.

Scroll towards near the bottom where you'll see groups for compositing. We're going to composite with an image sequence:

> Composite with sequence

    > Select the Bluescreen sequence filter.
There are a few parameters in this filter.

Click the button to select the sequence. This is the image sequence of the second animation clip, i.e. that of the background animation. which we'll want to add to the currently loaded running man with bluescreen.

The file selection dialog opens, asking you to select the first file of the BMP image sequence.

Click frame 0.

Verify that it is the first frame's image file. Then click Open.

PD Pro now can show the Timeline's preview with the composition enabled. As you click the timeline and view a different frame, you'll see the resulting composition.

Even though you only selected one filename, it is understood by PD Pro that it started with a number of _0000 and that the subsequent frames will have _0001, _0002 etc... in their filenames.

Click the 'Render' button, and PD Pro will apply the bluescreen compositing filter frame-for-frame.


Note that the two frame sequences don't have to be of the same dimensions. The images from the 'incoming' background animation are resampled to the dimensions of the currently loaded animation of the running man.

And here it is, the resulting animation, with the background composited into the blue pixels of the foreground.

Larger versions:      Flash   -    AVI  



here's another one, done with a different background:

and another

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