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Renaissance Woman

turning a photo of mom into a portrait of royal legacy with medievial accents
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Hello, I'm Attila Kohl - Here's a project I recently did to explore painting over an existing portrait. I hope you like her, and I hope it inspires you to do similar work on your old family pictures. You can also hire me for custom work.

All images in this sequence are (c) 2009 Attila Kohl, all rights reserved.. Please contact the author for republishing or for any other uses.

This lovely lady (my mom) just needed a royal makeover and I thought the Renaissancestyle would be perfect.

Here are a few close-up pictures of the dress, jewelry, hair and other details.

< click image to enlarge

close-up in neck area, renaissance woman
This is a close-up on the area below her chin and the neck. Click this image to enlarge it.

details of renaissance woman's hair
Modelling Clay and the Roller brush were used to get this effect on the hair. Click to enlarge.

Airbrushing is essential for hiding blemishes and wrinkles. It's also used for maskara and other highlights and shades around the eye lids, for example. (click image below to enlarge).

the most beautiful face - courtesy of airbrushing
(c) 2009 Attila Kohl, all rights reserved.

Here's another summary for the final portrait.

overview and tools used
(c) 2009 Attila Kohl, all rights reserved.

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