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PD Pro 5.1b

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PD Pro 7.1 is here!

Curvy 3D fast and easy 3D modeling,
                              sculpting, painting, posing for 2D

If you ordered PD Pro 5 after December 23 you should have the full installer of 5.1b. If you ordered it earlier or upgraded from earlier versions (v2, 3 or 4 or sidegrade from PD Particles/PD Artist), you can update your 5.0 installation to 5.1b for free. Contact us if you didn't get the notification about the 5.1b updater download.

This is a free update for legitimate users of PD Pro 5.0. Whether you upgraded from earlier versions to v5.0, or you purchased the standalone new full installer of 5.0, or got the Thanksgiving Edition of 5.1 (PD Pro 5.1 TGE), you may want to apply this free update patch in order to bring your current installation to PD Pro 5.1b

PD Pro 5.1'b' ............ 'b' is for 'better waffling experience'

What's New in 5.1b?
Here is a list of new features:

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Cowboy Shorts
Cowboy SHorts, animations created with
                        PD Pro Frame Painter

PD Pro 5.1 TGE
new tools for pattern designs!

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