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Pixarra Twistedbrush

another great program by Ken Carlino for imaging and digital painting
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::: What is Twistedbrush?

Twistedbrush is a digital painting software created by Ken Carlino of Pixarra. It is characterized by a huge collection of predefined brushes of many sorts, including fascinating Kaleidoscope and meta blobs style brushes. It is also one of the very few programs that have particle based brushes. They may be different from the particle brushes found in Project Dogwaffle, but they're nonetheless great tools for all sorts of effects.

fun with Mandala brushes:

Like ArtWeaver, the GIMP and Project Dogwaffle, Twistedbrush Pro Studio also supports filters written in the Lua scripting language. This means that if someone writes a new filter for one application, it may be possible for you to benefit from it. Vice versa, if you have a mathematician's mind and like to script, you can create new filters for special effects of your own, and share them with artists using those other tools! Share the power of Lua scripting! Learn more at

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::: Where can I Buy Twistedbrush Pro Studio?

The downloadable version is available right here >  Buy Now

::: How can I use it with Project Dogwaffle?

See these tutorials:  PTB-Waffles

Learn more about Pixarra Twistedbrush:
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Lua scripting!
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Polar mapping correction

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