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Fall/Winter 2011:

Hello Fast 3D World, Welcome PD Pro 7!

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Announcing the pre-release phase of PD Pro 7 Howler.

codename: "Galactic Raindrop"

enhancing your the digital world, one drop at a time...

November 13, 2011

We are only a few weeks away from releasing PD Pro 7-based PD Howler. "Galactic Raindrop". At this time we have decided to offer pre-ordering. You can secure your copy of PD Pro 7 Howler in several ways.

Remember: PD Howler includes full animation support. If you don't care for animation and would rather not pay for that feature, you may want to wait for the announcement about the new PD Artist based on PD Pro 7. It will follow after the release of  PD Pro 7 Howler. If you don't have PD Artist yet, look here for more details.

How to Pre-Order PD Pro 7 Howler

galactice raindrop - BETA

If you ALREADY HAVE PD Pro 6 Howler (PD Howler 1)

If you order PD Pro 6 Howler 1 AT FULL PRICE (no discount applied!) between now and until the release of PD Pro 7 Howler, you will receive a free upgrade to PD Pro 7 Howler. This offer is retroactively applied to anyone who ordered PD Howler on or after November 1st. If that's you, then you do not need to do anything, we know who you are and will send you the upgrade within a few days of the new version's release.

If you already have PD Pro 6, and had ordered it before November 1st 2011 or you got it even after November 1st but at a discount such as during a special promo sale or with an upgrade discount coupon, then you can pre-order PD Pro 7 Howler now and save 20%:

  Use the link shown below to pre-order the upgrade for PD Howler going from PD Pro 6 to PD Pro 7:

NOTE: YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE PD Pro 6 (Howler 1). We will send you the upgrade to v7 when available only if we find you on our customer database as having v6 already. 

If you DON"T YET HAVE PD Pro 6 Howler (PD Howler 1)

  • If you already have PD Artist 2 (which is PD Pro 6-based) or PD Pro 5, PD Pro 4, or earlier versions including PD Pro 3.x, PD 2, PD Artist 1 and PD Particles, even if ordered through TrialPay or with other discounts or bundles such as Comicbook Creator 2 or GarageGames/Torque/Instant Action bundles etc... or ordered on DAZ3D's store or at Renderosity or other legitimate (!) reseller and retailer sites and locations, then you could upgrade to PD Pro 6 Howler 1 through the many upgrade options depending on the version you have. Then buy the pre-order upgrade above. Or wait for the release and upgrade then, using the upgrade price to go from v6 to v7.


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PD Artist now $19!
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What's New & Coming to PD Howler / PD Pro 7?

We're working hard on PD pro 7.  There will be some nice improvements in it.  We're not ready yet for a full feature list at this time but here are a few things we can talk about.

We spent a lot of time on our 3D API (Application Programmer Interface), and that's starting to show, as we're using it ourselves for new features, plugins and modules.  We've overhauled the wireframe designer and it's now called the 3D designer.  You can use any image as a height map, and view it in realtime now.  There's also the option to animate it, so anything you do with your underlying image can be turned into an animation.  You could use the timeline to move a texture, and then make it look like flying through a 3-D terrain, for example.  We've already done some Star Wars style trench fly-throughs, just for old time sake.  The imagination's the limit here. When you enable Mirror mode, it gets even wackier, even better.

We've got a few speed improvements as well.  Zooming is much faster now.  Also there's a new smooth scaling option to alleviate aliasing when zoomed in and out.

Fill tools have seen improvements in that they are now realt ime so you can see exactly what you get as you draw them.

There's a new color picker dubbed by the beta team, the "Quicker Color Picker."  It's activated by the space bar, so you can pic a color right where your mouse is.
There are for example improvements, little details, that mean a universe to some of us, such as this: when you paste an image from the Clipboard, you can now not only have it replace the current image or draw into the current image like before, but you can now also have it instead come in as a custom (image) brush. That kind of thing can speed up the creative process tremendously.

There will of course be other new features as well.  With this one, we're trying to do some things we've had to put on the back burner for a number of years.  We want it to be something we really feel happy about.  It should be a fun ride.


5 Down,
5 more to go!

Get PD Howler 1
for just $59
(normally $159)

Special Promo, only while it lasts
Only 10 units at that price.
Details here


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