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                    Italian friends call me FilippoRe-bonjour!

I have tutored French and other languages. You won't need a tutor for long. I'll help you get started quickly and affordably. There are a few excellent apps for your tablet and smartphone, audio CDs to keep in the car, and online sites like YouTube or Children's Books Online, to name a few. Once you see those, you may realize there's no need for a tutor. Except perhaps for occasional checkups and practicing dialogs in real-life situations such as window shopping at a farmer's market, with a 'baguette' under your arm, or to play Canasta and count your points - in French of course.

Much of it is free. The only thing you need, really, is discipline, desire to learn and motivation to stay the course, stay with it, perhaps a daily reminder... to practice daily. Preferably several times a day. Just a few minutes. To keep that side of the brain firing neurons in the foreign language, all the time, anywhere.... zut alors!

Turn on the internet radios, listen to French talk and news radios online, from the Mac/PC as well as your smartphone and tablets. Keep it streaming from Paris and Geneva and Montreal...

Here is a list of French radio stations from Lausanne by the lake of Geneva, Switzerland, with links to many more:

Try RSR La Premiere, right now!

Back to learning, and tutoring...

If you have your own curriculum and need help with homework, that's even easier. But here's another possible assignment that I'll work on with you: exploring this website, and learning to understand all of it.

There's also a song that you hear (Quicktime needed), with easy to understand lyrics. Great material to translate and test your knowledge! 

Other ideas:

Here are some recommendations for reading easy French, get these on Amazon.


Merci, thanks, et à bientôt!

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And now for something completely (in)different:

Programming the Swiss flag and the French Flag - with Lua scripting

Learn basic computer programing skills this fun and graphical way!


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