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Beyond Digital Painting, there is something else, perhaps even more important... Digital learning

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my                    Italian friends call me FilippoHello again,
Long long loooooong ago, in a galaxy far away, I played the piano.

I can teach you get started with it. The very very(!) basics.

There are apps online to learn. You won't need a tutor for long. You just need to be driven, have a passion for it, and practice practice practice.

If you're curious, here are some recordings of my playing piano from half a century ago. (give or take a few years)

Try the Oscar Peterson pieces, #14 (Two sleepy people) and #16 (Georgia on my mind) for example.

If you prefer a bit more of a classical style, here's another of our recordings: #9 - classical variation
and dare I say, Richard Clayderman #7

There was a time when I had remembered over 40 rags, mostly from the ragtime collection of Scott Joplin.Here's one: #17 - the Nonpareil - Wouldn't you like to lear to play this and other rags?

If you like it want me to help you learn the piano, click my picture to contact me. I have a portable keyboard, not the full size but almost, good enough for your first steps with the keys, the music, the excitement!


On a different topic:

If you're just curious about math, try these algebra games from Educator Labs:

Have fun and be safe!

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