you can fly!?Five new Free Plugins for Project Dogwaffle

Doggybag #4

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Overview of Doggybag #4
This bag of tricks contains five new plugins.

select the current image as your PC's Wallpaper

Work on red, green, and blue channels separately.  Show the channel either in color or as a greyscale.

Use a file list to browse and execute lua scripts.  Optionally apply them to an animation. 
Lua is a simple and powerful scripting language available as a  separate download. See DogLua for more details

Feather the edges of a custom brush to give it a soft edge that blends well
with the background.

Multiply the edges of a selection for better compositing.

Installation of Doggybag #4
To download this free doggybag, simply Left-Click or  Right-click this zipped file:  [33 kb]

This file is a zip archive which contains the 5 new plugins.  You can save it to disk and then unzip it, or you can directly open it (with Windows XP built-in uncompression feature or with Iceows or other inline decompression software).

Extract and save the 5 files directly into the folder where your Project Dogwaffle or PD Pro installation is located. For Project Dogwaffle, the installation path is normally in C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle, while for a new PD Pro installation (since v3.1) it might be C:\Program Files\PD Pro   if you used the default folder locations during installation.

A word on the nomenclature, if you didn't know:
  • One filename ends in '_px.exe' - 'px' is an export plugin (saves to the Wallpaper)
  • Another filename ends in '_pb.exe' - 'pb' is a brush plugin  (affects the brush)
  • The other three end in '_pm.exe' - 'pm' are miscellaneous plugins
After the file has been copied, simply use the 'k' shortcut to open the k)iller_plugins panel again inside Dogwaffle, and you should see the the new plugins inside their respective tabs, such as Export, Brush or Misc. tab.