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This is where it all began - Watch this video and tune your Ukulele at the same pace. Each string will sound 5 times. Plenty of time for most - just perfect.

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Uketutu for iPhone:
for Ukulele:
uketutu for iphone and itouch - free ukulele tuning
for Guitar: new!
free tuning app

Ruben De Anda's Original Video:
the original Ukulele Tuning video by Ruben De Anda

Video version with Autoplay & Repeat:

the original Ukulele Tuning video by Ruben De Anda

free web HTML edition -  needs Javascript, Frames and Flash:

  More Notas:
YouTube Channel by Ruben Deanda - check new videos, subscribe and learn
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Notas Antiguas
Guitar duo with Ruben De Anda and Warren Laplante
Youtube video
the original
Jose Luis Suazo's relaxing Mayan music for the computer age
eFiddler fiddle and violin loops