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 Project Dogwaffle:
   Howler 2020

Clever & Fast Digital Painting, 3D rendering & Animation

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Do you like to paint? Howler and Artist 2020 come with lot of new brushes.


A lot of things are new - see what's new at

Never heard of Project Dogwaffle, PD Artist or PD Howler? Things to keep in mind:
More about features here and here: the Dogwaffle Main Features List

Images of Howler 2020

Artwork created, composited with or enhanced by Howler 2020.



Here are just some of the new features coming to PD Howler 2020:

- see more of what's new at

Gradient Brush

gradient brush

More readable text

Pardon our dust - There's much more to come. We're working on it.

But why wait?

Free Demo / Trial

download this installer of the demo version:

Download filename  ---  Howler_2020_Demo_0037.exe

Size: 111,344,868 bytes (106 MB)

CRC32:       287DDDCE
CRC64:       95996C4D19616797
SHA256:     F1DA271D9498F05E0EAAA0FBAE8E1E9684D058BB2EF6AD56BE4E66B636E2D342
SHA1:        4584EEF29788DA1E61C67A9D102C426B1AAB50A1
BLAKE2sp:  90E3D14A315BA0760D61D4C2F11E280EAB83309BDDFAD8C44B623553014DAFC2

News and What's New

Here are various bits and pieces of interest related to Howler 2020 and related topics.

newsletter #159

Recent newsletters where we mentioned PD Howler (and/or PD Artist) 2020

Newsletter #159 - Back to School already? Howler 2020 to the Rescue!

Newsletter #160 - PD Artist 2020 is here, and build #37

Newsletter #161 - Labor Day Weekend

So... What's else exactly is New in Howler 2020?

If there is just one thing to mention, to single out:  Brushes!

But there's also so much more. Here are some recent developments as we crank through the new builds:

Here is a log of some of the internal notes shared with the beta team, through recent builds, as we go along with implementing new features, fixes and cool tools and brushes. As you may notice, a lot of focus is on brushes and new media.

Build 40 (hopefully) addresses 2 critical bugs.

Build 41 is here -  fixes the storing from the undo browser. When you're in the undo stack you can store an image from there, it should now be added as expected in the stored images stack. This is important if you want to recover a prior stored image from the history (undo) stack but have since changed the size. You can send t to stored copy, then restore it as a new image from there.

Release build 42


Got it? downloaded it? Verify that your download is authentic and complete:

Name: Howler_2020_0042.exe

File Size: 115 MB (121,193,555 bytes)

CRC32: 53FED554

CRC64: A535D5855E491291

SHA256: EE0A710301CD84B9CBBB08BD1D6A1200D5D5E6F16D9882C769027CE30E0502E7

SHA1: 24651AA3B5C1BDE0659C1CD754A3DA386CE84C46

BLAKE2sp: ADCFA8D679E707AACD5C7D5078277D195DD2528DDD0180B73C0B9AAE63D9DFD9

earlier release:

File Name
: Howler_2020_0041.exe
File Size:   119,580,803 bytes exactly (about 114 MB)
CRC32: EB5D3782
CRC64: 9D66F67ECF5D2033
SHA256: A5951DF674C58579BB618EDC7BCC6D8C64D5B097312053BCA5CA564858912BFC
SHA1: D622D5496E6740C8A54A62B268E66B1FD761DAE1
BLAKE2sp: 0FEE860059704135A5C5FA541B4291F5427D0D1C3A0DA2FCCC24DBD4F833C414

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