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Astralax: Magic Particles

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illusion of animated fire made with Magc particles

fireworks created in Magic Particles

where there's smoke there's fire

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Magic Particles - videopost, special effects. Magic Particles lets you to create many special effects both easily and quickly, with an intuitive and very fast user interface. In addition you can use videopost mode. This is a great tool to create fancy animated backgrounds for videos and 3D projects, or even for use as animated brushes in Project DOgwaffle Professional!

Special effects: A lot of samples of special effects are delivered with Magic Particles. You can use these samples as you wish or customize them to create your own special effects.
SImple interface, powerful features
Magic Particles does not require special knowledge of computer graphics. A burning text, a flying comet, fireworks, a snow blizzard and a multi-coloured fog - all these (and many other!) special effects will be possible to create in our program.

A very useful feature - quick
animation of any text. You can write any words and special effect will be applied to your text.

Popular output formats: Magic Particles supports a lot of graphic formats for saving results.

Videopost: Magic Particles allows to decorate your video or animate your graphic images. Use videopost mode to combine
Magic Particlesyour image with any special effect. In practice, you can move and scale your image and special effect, in order to reach the best appearance. You can also export special effects to video file or sequence of graphic files (i.e. number file seuqnce), in order to execute videopost in other programs such as Project Dogwaffle, Premiere, etc....


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