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  what would your digital photo like to be today?

Illustrious Illustrations

powered by Project Dogwaffle

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Dogwaffle is so cool, it kicks b...? balls. Soccer balls that is!
(make that footballs, for the rest of the world ;-)

Will you be in Germany for the World Cup 2006? or are you following it with your heart and sole? Are you wondering what you can do with your own digital photos of your kids playing soccer, or other sports? Would you like to take your action shots further?
Don't just turn them into digital memories - turn them into works of art!
Consider this the tip of the iceberg - some of the stuff you
can do with the many filters and just a little bit of experimental imagination and the will to explore.
Some examples shown here also make use of additional free or commercial 3rd-party plugins found  here.

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the original, 13 years and growing strong

quick touchup to remove background

composition with edges from Gertrudis

maXsharpen with cartoon color reduction

composition with edge detection

Gertrudis effect

wild Gertrudis effect

another Gertrudis effect (brushes)

more Gertrudis (contours)

also Gertrudis

plain and simple Threshold

dither noise

video lines

colored edge detect

edge detected and threshold

combo of earlier Gertrudis and edges

Transform and tile

3D wireframe

edge detection on 3D wifreframe

Textrix (Matrix effect)

displacement by Swap

oh so cool (I forgot) and embossed

wave displacements

sunset filter

fog filter


fisheye filter [animation]

film grain (subtle)

one of many b/w dither modes

cross contour plugin


displace by swap

halftone (?)

swap colors

mystic vision

weave pattern

emboss by swap

wet paint filter

paper texture

crystalize (?)

More examples?