Doggybag #3 -

Spherize Plugin for v1.2 (free)

Another free plugin for the free version v1.2 of Project Dogwaffle
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Overview of Doggybag 3
This is the third doggybag. This one is for users of the free version of Project Dogwaffle v1.2

The reason for this doggybag is to make available a plugin which was left out in the initial 1.2 distribution:

    the Spherize tool

With the Spherize tool you can create planetary bodies for use in space art. See the mini-tutorial here.
Installation of Doggybag #3
Click or
Right-click this link:   Spherize_pf.exe  [53 kb]
or the zipped version:    [18 kb]  and save the unzipped file in your Dogwaffle folder.

Save the file directly into the folder where your Project Dogwaffle 1.2 installation lives. If you used the default installation folder when you installed Dogwaffle 1.2, then that would be in "C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle".

After the file has been copied, simply use the 'k' shortcut to open the plugins panel again inside Dogwaffle, and you should see the Spherize plugin under the Filter tab.