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::: What is ffmpeg?

ffmpeg is a free tool which can convert video files to and from many formats. 

Get ffmpeg here:

ffmpeg is a command-line tool. There are also some GUI tools available such as WinFF to use ffmpeg with many common formats and options. And you can extract frames and do many other things with ffmpeg. There are also some commercial products which are built upon the use of ffmpeg as the underlying converter.

ffmpeg has its own mpeg4 converter built-in, no external codec needed in many (most?) cases.

Here's an example of what you can do with WinFF and ffmpeg: convert the AVI file saved from a Dogwaffle animation, converting it into Quicktime, mp4, Flash video (flv), mpeg1, and other formats.

The Original from PD:
  • (454 kb) - Compressed folder zip archive of Original AVI file (using DivX codec). Don't open this in Quicktime viewer or Quicktime-based browser player plugin as they may hang unless you have a codec for DivX in Quicktime on your OS. Use Movie Player Classic or similar capable of viewing DivX codec based AVI file.
A few conversions:
  • MyAVI1.flv (431 kb)  - bitrate 1000 (kbps), framerate 25fps,  output for websites (Flash Video , 4:3 aspect ratio FLV), two pass.
  • (422 kb) - same as above, converted to Quicktime (MPEG4 Video compressor))
  • MyAVI1.mp4 (414 kb) - same as above, converted to MP4 with H.264 codec
There are many other formats available in this version of WinFF, and ffmpeg may have even more.


more ffmpeg: