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a free program by Boris Eyrich for imaging and painting
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PD Pro
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the SDK
3rd party plugins
LUA scripting
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Great companion
 for Artweaver:

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::: What is Artweaver?

Artweaver is an excellent image editing and painting software for PC created by Boris Eyrich of Germany. As of version 0.4.4 it is still freeware.

This page is intended as a resource page for users of Project Dogwaffle Professional (aka PD Pro) or PD Particles who also want to use ArtWeaver. ArtWeaver is an interesting companion to Project Dogwaffle:
  • Common Lua Scripting framework with support of Dogwaffle's GUIserver! With the Lua plugin, Artweaver can support Dogwaffle's Lua scripts for image filters (based on gluas as seen for the GIMP), including the Dogwaffle GUIserver for interactive scripts
  • New! There is an import and export plugin for Project Dogwaffle to save to or load from Artweaver's '.awd' file format: contains 3 files:
    • Artweaver_pi.exe (the AWD importer)
    • Artweaver_px.exe (the AWD exporter)
    • AWDFileLib.dll (the AWD file i/o utility library) updated!

Installation and use:

Simply copy these files into the folder of your Project Dogwaffle, PD Artist or PD Pro installation. You can then find the import and export in their respective area of the File... menu, and in the Import & Export (or In & Out) tabs of the plugin panel. Remember: Hit 'k' for k)iller plugins :-). Please note: the current version does not maintain the layers when exporting or restore the layers in Dogwaffle when importing. Saving a layered image from Dogwaffle to awd format will flatten the save image file. If you wish to keep the separate layers intact, then use the Dogweaver plugin instead to send layer by layer fromDogwaffle  into new layers of Artweaver.
  • The latest version of Irfanview can also display awd files (as of Irfanview 3.99). The Artweaver loader for Irfanview is included in the Irfanview plugins download.
  • There is also a plugin for XnView. If you use XnView as your image browser and viewer, you can directly load .awd files. See the Artweaver homepage for details on downloading the XnView plugin
  • With the DogWeaver plugin, Artweaver users can connect directly to a running session of Project Dogwaffle directly (PD Particles or PD 2.1,  PD Pro 3 and 4 and free version 1.2), so there's no need to save the artwork to files to transfer it back and forth between the two applications.

the home of Artweaver:

for developers, translators and Programmers:
The Artweaver SDK
includes the AWDfile library

a tutorial:
PD Particles & DogWeaver

using Project Dogwaffle
and Artweaver:
Caricatures by Hanzz

Lua scripting
Polar mapping correction

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PD Pro, PD Particles and Project Dogwaffle are trademarks of Dan Ritchie. ArtWeaver is a trademark of Boris Eyrich. All other names, trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned here are the sole property of their respective owners and only used for identification purposes. No endorsement or other affiliation is intended or implied.