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PD Pro 8 Howler

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Hello again artists, animators, wafflers and howlers.  Here is today's one and only topic:

- PD Pro 8 Howler in RC mode, available for pre-Ordering
oh, wait, there's more. New tutorials.

Here we go...


Broomhead out of Beta, Into RC

Now then, that doesn't mean that it's just days away from being released. We still have a few things that we want to clean and add and tidy up before it's primetime, but the bulk of the project is coming close to a close. RC means release candidate, it's down to bug fixing now, no major new features nor earth-shaking changes in the software architecture, no taking risks to destabilize it all.

Unless we just have to. There's also room for small surprises.

That said, PD Pro 8 will be in RC mode for at least 3-4 weeks. So we're offering a gradual pricing evolution throughout the month of June.

If you pre-order early, you get the best deal.

  • Order between June 1 and June 15, and get the best deal. Just $35 to upgrade from v7.
  • Order between June 16 and June 30 and it's not a bad deal either.
  • After July 1st, we're still offering a good discount, ($39 to upgrade from v7) and it will remain in effect until the release date, and another 15 days beyond that. Then it will be at the usual regular price: $45. And that's not exactly breaking the bank either. It represents a 68% discount off the full price of $139.

We have detailed pricing for these different time frames on our special promos page here:

And here's the main page for PD Pro 8 Howler aka Project Broomhead:

Oh, wait, we just realized why we need another 3-4 weeks: we still have a lot of work to do with this site, adding examples, tutorials, features descriptions etc... boy we're gonna be busy!

Be sure to come back to this page soon, as we'll be adding more pricing info to upgrade from earlier versions.


New tutorials in the Daily Dose


We've got a mini-series of tutorials that focus on motion estimation for slowing down video and animations of a spinning Earth. This one also uses 3D (Carrara) and post work techniques, as well as various tools in PD Pro Howler to work with Video.

See the first part here:

or here on YouTube:

and look for the 6-part Spinning Globe animation series. The tutorials are linked in the playlist so you can let them play one by one if you like.

Here's one more that shows other possibilities, going beyond:

Stay tuned, there will be more. Waffle more, learn more:


Cool Creative Bundle - Updated!

There's been an update at Cool Creative Bundle (CCB) - Archipelis has released version 3 of its core product, and the same version (instead of v2) is now included in the Cool Creative Bundle


If you didn't know, the CCB includes PD Pro 4 and it is fully upgradable with discount coupon too.

Happy Waffling and Howling!

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