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PD Howler - The Home Learning Edition

  Fast Digital Painting, powered by Project Dogwaffle

PD Pro, Howler edition
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Beyond Particle brushes:
The new Rules-based
Foliage System
  new foliage system


comic-book trees

                profiles and color mixing tutorial in PD Pro 8

                of pigments into another watercolor brush strke

new brush

              brushes tutorial

Free Howler for Home Use?

Yes, on occasion we're making a special edition of PD Howler available here for free download and use at home, yours free for non-Commercial use.

See below for more details on the free home learning edition.

Alternatively, you can also try other free Demo/Trial versions here in the DemoZone.

Note: the video below was created with Howler 9

Our Current Promo:

Grab it while lasts - PD Howler 8.2 Free Home / Learning Edition:
free digital painting and animation
                                software for home use and learning
Today is your lucky day!

download the free home learning edition here,

file size:   37.7 MB (39,573,324 bytes)

Save the installer to your local hard drive,
then open to install it, and
 start waffling and howling shortly thereafter.

Welcome to Howler 8!

Learn more about what's been happening since that version.
See Howler 9.0 and beyond!

Raytracing with Puppy Ray - now
                                    with Howler 9

You might want to try the free demo trials instead. Those will give you free access to most of the program too, enough to learn how to use it. And there's a version based on v9.0.



Saturday, Oct 19, 2013
Daniel Ritchie of Project Dogwaffle and Phillip Staiger of Releases New Learning Edition of Howler™ Digital Painting and Editing Software
New Version Allows Non Commercial use for free

Valencia, Ca. — Daniel Ritchie, an industry innovator and provider of tools for digital painters and visual effects professionals, and Philip Staiger, promoter of tools for the artistic community, today released new learning edition of their award-winning software application, Howler™ Digital Painter. Howler is the ideal application for 'burn and go' bitmap editing, with high performance tools that have been enjoyed for over 15 years, and a pedigree going back to the amazing Amiga creativity platform. The learning edition allows free use of the program for non-commercial purposes. Features like fast keyframable, animatable filters, bluescreen/greenscreen compositing and color keying, rotoscoping through the animatable curve tool, frame re-timing through the motion module, and a plethora of animation related tools ease the content creation process. A modern, clean desktop interface and GPU acceleration makes the program simple and fun to use..

Howler Learning Edition is based on Howler 8.2 with a small handful of filters removed (about 20). The program is otherwise fully functional, with the terms of use explained in the about box (splashscreen). Users are encouraged to download the Learning Edition from the servers at or and to share the link with other users. File sharing and remote hosting is however not allowed. Please share a link only.

A newer version, Howler 9 is available for purchase. It includes the addition of 3D global illumination raytracing for animatable height maps such as terrain and data visualization, as well as improvements to the interface, workflow, integration, and new features. Howler 9 can be purchased from or Special offers and upgrade versions can be found here

Howler Learning Edition can be downloaded for free for non-commercial use from the servers on,  Please note that some systems may require "Run as Administrator" to install and/or operate the program.

About us

Howler Learning Edition Features
  • Natural media, many presets, fully customizable.
  • Breakthrough performance even on modest hardware.
  • Full graphics tablet support, Wacom, Monoprice, etc.
  • Custom brushes, bristle brushes, particle brushes, foliage brushes, brushes under the influence of force fields...
  • Dynamic fully editable Foliage brushes.
  • Animated (multi-frame) custom brushes.
  • Over 140 fast, often real-time, full featured filters..
  • Premium color mixing tools. Red-yellow-blue, palette mixer, lots more.
  • Select colors by pigment name, crimson red, rose madder, etc. 
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Mirror and Symmetrical painting, Kaleidoscope.
  • Brush keyframing to move images around screen in an animation.
  • Brush timeline to apply keyframable filters to an animated brush.
Animation features:
  • Traditional animation.
  • Onion skin.
  • Load/Save AVI's, frame sequences.
  • Frame scanning.
  • Line cleanup and non-photo blue removal.
  • Timeline to apply filters
  • Exposure sheet with lip syncing.
  • Frame sequencer. Sequence frames by painting them.
  • Rotoscoping for matte creation.
  • Motion analysis to create slow motion or add motion blur to stop motion.
  • Animation re-timing.
  • Editor functions, cut/copy/paste/blocks, etc.
  • Interlaced video support.
  • Batch processing.
  • Visual batch conversion and renaming.
  • Image stabilization. Camera motion stabilization – smoothing, removal and re-addition.
  • Motion tracking in the brush keyframer.
  • Motion prediction for frame extrapolation and selective motion blurring.
  • Insert, reverse sequence, make loopable, make an animation seamless like making a texture seamless.  Crop an animation like cropping an image.Gamma correction.  Premultiply correction.

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