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- The Demo Version is proud to host an authorized mirror copy of the Demo version of Archipelis Designer.

For the latest version demos, please grab it from the developer's main website at


Version 3 - for Windows:

     Recent version for Windows (Febr. 2012) - Version 3:

Windows Version

15.5 MB (16,357,717 bytes exactly)

Older versions (v2):

v2 demo: Mac & Windows in a single download

15.6 MB (16,450,362 bytes)
created Monday, September 01, 2008, 9:45:51 PM

or, download the archive containing just the one for
your computer platform:

v2 Mac version v2 Windows version:
16.9 MB (17,789,752 bytes)
6.01 MB (6,308,694 bytes)


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- Frequently Asked Questions
     (Important Tips & Tricks)

  1. Save to Archipelis first - Important!
Before exporting to vrml or .obj file, be sure to "Save As..." to native Archipelis format. That will allow you to set the folder and filename where to save. The same base file and folder location will be re-used when you export to the other format(s). You won't see a file dialog when exporting - this may change in the future. Right now it assumes the same folder and base file name as where you saved the original file in native archipelis format. Example files from save and exports: