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part 5 - Discovering new brushes: Kaleidoscope!
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intro  - in the beginning, there was nothing but a blank sheet of pixels
part 1 - getting started with Twisted Brush Pro Studio
part 2 - Saving the image and alpha channel in a single file
part 3 - Loading an image file straight to PD's Custom Brush (w/Alpha)
part 4 - Loading an image and its Alpha Mask from two files 
part 5 - Discovering new brushes: Kaleidoscope!
part 6 - Painting into an AVI file to record as animation
part 7 - Mandala brush animation with animated multi-frame brushes
part 8 - The animated Brush Timeline edtor

 Exploring new Brushes: Kaleiscope!
If you know PD Pro, you know that it's all about brushes, and making your own custom brushes, including multi-frame animated brushes. When you discover Twistedbrush Pro Studio, you'll quickly realize that it has a different approach, but one that is equally interesting and has intriguing merits: T.B. presents many hundreds if not thousands of predefined brushes of many many different types and categories. It's a trip just to play and explore!

Here's a first-timer's look at some fascinating brushes which I found in TBPS, in search of looking for some brushes that might be particularly interesting or fun to use as part of animations.

 Click the group B3 of brush collections.

Find a group like the Art Deco group

There are tons of sub-groups, or collections.

Try Cool and Crazy

Or Essentials - Wild Brushes - look at Natural Weathered log, Plastic tube etc...

Here's one I don't even remember how I got it. One of the Kaleidoscopes, for sure, but .... or Preset 3?

Looks like thick rope.

the Plastic Tube...

Cartoon Stroke, Extra Bold - love it!
We'll have to explore this one some more.

some type of red dimples or dots.... oh my.

Ahhhh, the Kaleidoscope brush. Don't forget to stay on this one a little and experiment with variations, other sizes and colors and more options.
... and more Kaleidoscope brushes... so neat.

This one  looks a little like some type mexican desert food, but without the sugar coating.

And here's another Kaleidoscope.:

That last one we saved with transparency mask in a PNG file, so you can save it and use it straight in a custom brush of PD.. Right-click the image and save the PNG version. It is about 800 pixel wide!

Finally, here's one from another gret category: the Mandalas!
paint with Mandala brush
we will use those with the next feature, recording into an AVI while you paint, to create a base animation that can be used in PD Pro as animated brush or simply to create hallucigenic animations. Here's a brief example:

Next:   part 6 - Painting into an AVI file to record as animation

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