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part 7 - Mandala brush animation with animated multi-frame brushes and the timeline editor for main image buffer or for custom brush
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intro  -  in the beginning, there was nothing but a blank sheet of pixels
part 1 - getting started with Twisted Brush Pro Studio
part 2 - Saving the image and alpha channel in a single file
part 3 - Loading an image file straight to PD's Custom Brush (w/Alpha)
part 4 - Loading an image and its Alpha Mask from two files 
part 5 - Discovering new brushes: Kaleidoscope!
part 6 - Painting with Mandala brushes into AVI file to record as animation
part 7 - Mandala brush animation with animated multi-frame brushes
part 8 - The animated Brush Timeline edtor

 The Animated Brush Timeline Editor
With a custom animated (multi-frame) brush loaded, use the menu item:

Brush > Animated brush > animated brush timeline..

to work on the frames by way of filters:

Along the left side of the brush timeline editor window, you'll see a list of filters, grouped by several categories. Scroll down for example to the Transform filter and select it.

This will be used to apply a rotation to the frames in the animated brush, by letting the rotation angle go from 0 to 360 degrees from start frame to last frame.

Setting the first keyframe

scrub the timeline position marker to teh left-most, i.e. the first frame.

In the parameter area, set the Rotate value to zero (left end)

That's the default value too.
Then click teh button that sets (adds) a key frame there. The value of the sliders will be recorded for this keyframe.

A close look at the first tickmark along the timeline now shows a red marker, indicating that a keyframe is present there now.

Setting the last keyframe

Now scrub to the right-most, last frame

CHange the rotation angle value slider to the max value (360)

Click the 'add keyframe' again, to record the values there.

Then click Render to have the values interpolated between first and last keyframes.
In the top of the brush timeline editor, you'll now see a preview of some of the tyransformed images. The 'Source' row shows the original frames. The 'Dest' (Destination)  row contains the transformed (rotated) images.

At this point you may want to do more transforms, color changes and more.

Click the Options menu, and select

Options > Keep render

to continue with the images resulting from the rendering..

Select a different filter now. For example one from the color category, to add color.

Change the red, gree and/or blue values, and record a keyframe at the start.

Move up a few frames, change the values, and set another keyframe.

and change some more colors, for a third keyframe further again into the timeline, etc...

Click Render again, and you'll now see the colors of the brush frames change.

Now we're done.

Use the destination sequence as a new custom brush:

Options>Use 'dest' as brush

Again, store this new brush  (Brush > Store/manage...)

Then click the Filmstrip button in the stored brush manager: now you'll see a sequence of turning images that also change color.

Painting with animated brushes into a single image

You can now paint with this new custom animated brush. Colorful!

You can use additional parameters with the brush settings panel, such as to change the size based on the speed with which you move the mouse. This is often used to mimic ballpoint pen behaviour.

In these two examples we also have enabled the brush PostFX for shadow drop.

Painting with animated brushes into an animation
You can paint into a blank animation too. Create a blank image, black colored or whatever you want, and create an animation from the Animation>Create menu.

Then use the ALT key: press down and hold the ALT key while painting. When Dogwaffle sees that the Alt key is down while dragging the mouse to paint, and if the brush is an animated custom brush with 2 or more frames, it will cycle through the images of the brush and paint them while also cycling through the images of the image buffer.

Here's an example of something you can create easily with this:
View the larger original - click here


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