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part 6 - Painting with Mandala brushes into AVI file to record as animation
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intro  -  in the beginning, there was nothing but a blank sheet of pixels
part 1 - getting started with Twisted Brush Pro Studio
part 2 - Saving the image and alpha channel in a single file
part 3 - Loading an image file straight to PD's Custom Brush (w/Alpha)
part 4 - Loading an image and its Alpha Mask from two files 
part 5 - Discovering new brushes: Kaleidoscope!
part 6 - Painting with Mandala brushes into AVI file to record as animation
part 7 - Mandala brush animation with animated multi-frame brushes
part 8 - The animated Brush Timeline edtor

 Mandala! Mandala!
Another fascinating group of brushes are the Mandalas: Look for the Mandala collection, and select one of them, such as #07

When you paint with Mandala brushes, lots of colors and shapes appear all over, perfect for Kaleidoscope effects. He're's again a sample animation of a 2-3 second paint sequence, recorded into AVI straight from Twistedbrush:

Recording into AVI
You can enable recording of your painting activity in form of an AVI file.

Select menu:  Record > Paint to AVI...
By default the frequency is set to just a few frames per minute. Be sure to increase the slider value to around 300-400 per minute so you can expect to record several frames per second, perhaps a dozen of fps in fact.

You will need to select a file name. You will also be asked to select a video compressor (codec). Something like Xvid is fast and produces small files, so can be used to record long sequences. In our case, we're only going to record a few seconds, but at 10-20 fps you should expect to get 100-200 frames in all, or possibly more.

Here's a screenshot of a single frame towards the end of using a Mandala brush.

You can click Start recording to being the recording sequence. When done, click Stop. You can also Pause and Resume, which is great when you want to change parameters such as size, color or even switch to a different Mandala or totally different brush.
Into PD Pro
Once you've created an AVI file fromwithin Twistedbrush, you can load it into PD Pro through its Animation menu:

Animation > Load AVI

From there you  can expect to have at it, to transfer subsets of the frames or the entire frame sequence into a custom brush to paint with, or to apply animated filters to the animation and turn it into even more sophisticated animations. To learn more about video tools and animation tools and effects in PD Pro, see here

Here's an example of a short Mandala sequence recorded and undergoing a series of post fx filters in PD Pro's Timeline editor. We've also done a few other things to it, such as turn some pieces loopable, removed or added blank frames, time sctretched a sequence and much more.

Note: you'll see the original avi click first, and it will be followed by a secon d click with rotation, then another with fisheye distortion, sobel edge detection, and so on, including Wireframe designer (3D terrain oscilloscope look),  There's a total of about 10 sequences, relax and enjoy...
Other ways to use the created animation or single image of Mandala based images abound. Here's an example where the image was created in layer 2 against a transparent background. It was saved to PNG file format, to keep the transparency mask in the Alpha channel.
Mandala image with alpha channel make great new brush images
click image for original, larger version

You can then load this image directly into PD Pro's custom brush system:

Dogwaffle-menu: Brush > Open...

Enable post FX like shadow drop and stamp the image once. CHange the post FX to embossing, and use 'Shift-A' to stamp it down at the same brush stroke position once more. Here's the result:

click for larger image

We'll explore the tools and steps involved with custom brushes next.
Next:  part 7 - Mandala brush animation with animated multi-frame brushes 

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