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PD Howler 2023:
   New Sky Filter

Fast Digital Painting, 3D landscape Rendering and tools for Video  & Animation

Here is information about the new Sky Filter.

As with the previous Sky filter, you access the new one from the filter:  Filter > Render > Sky...

The initial interface for the new Sky filter  (future revisions may change it) has a bunch of parameters that let you chose the type of clouds, coverage, thickness, fog distance and time of day to change the Sun's elevation. In the preview window you can also look around with the mouse cursor.

When you render it to an animation, additional parameters are showing. The clouds move and change shape, and the Sun's elevation can also change over time, which in turn can change the coloring of the sky.

Here's an example: (click image to enlarge)

First animated Clouds:

Images that were created (rendered and/or painted) with PD Howler 2023

New Sky Filter