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Newsletter #58

June Gloom


...beyond digital painting

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Hello again. 

Here's another issue of our newsletter, the sporadic Dogwaffler of the moment.

As always, you can also find the html version here:

June Gloom

In San Diego, there's an annual phenomenon with the weather, both in May and in June. The ocean is still very cold and there's a fog layer that forms over the ocean, called the marine layer. Often it doesn't dissipate until into the middle of afternoon. In May we call it "May Gray". In June, it's called "June Gloom". It's a great weather condition for jogging and running outdoors, and playing soccer. Not so great for beachgoers.

June Gloom seems to affect more than tourists heading for the beaches. We also see an annual cycle of lower sales in software, in many types of software, not just Dogwaffle. We see it every year around that time. People are done spending their tax returns and holiday gift moneys. Schools have decided on what to order for the Fall semesters long ago and are still sitting tight and waiting for the next budgets, released in August or September if they're lucky, when the purchasing of site licenses starts again. Till then, it's a bit gloomy, unless you've got some brand new exciting program release to announce, or bundle offers with other software and hardware.

To fight this gloomy condition, and for a few other reasons, we're going to make it attractive for you to upgrade to v7 or v8 in coming days and weeks (about through mid July), i.e. if you're not quite at those latest versions yet, please read on.... but before we do, here's a new image.

'painting', by Dan Ritchie

Howler 7 and 8 on Sale

We're continuing to develop PD Howler 9 but since it's still a bit far away from release we're not able yet to offer free upgrades from v8 to v9 for those who purchase v8 at full price. We may start that campaign in mid to late August.

However, if you've been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a good deal, well, your wait is over and is about to be rewarded. We are now offering steep discounts to v8 and also v7.2 of Howler. (in addition to the already discounted Artist edition)

PD Howler 8 - normal price $99, special offer: $49  (basically half off!)

PD Howler 7 - normal price $69, special offer: $20  (basically a giveaway)

Order either version here: - and please ignore the pricing shown there until you go into the actual order page.

These special prices are good through July 14.

If you're interested in trying the Motion Prediction Module, yes it's already part of 7.2!  (

Need a reminder of v7.2 and v8 Capabilities? Look here:

There's also a short list of shortcuts here:

Speaking of Motion Prediction Module, and Motion Estimation as an alternative to frame blending, here's another new long tutorial, about 50 minutes long and covering various pieces from A to Z:

This video also shows some interesting tools to do video conversions.

Removal from our mailing list

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Be sure to verify the spelling of your email address in that request. This is especially important if you have multiple email addresses or email aliases being forwarded to another mailbox or you want to keep one in our mailing list but also remove another. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact Philip by email directly.


What's coming to PD Pro 9?

v8 Images?

Slideshow 8.2

8.2 Showcase

Dropbox Gallery

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