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The Project Dogwaffle 2.1 Update

Say Hello to Penny Paint!
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Well, it's that time again, Spring. The birds are singing,
the bees are buzzing, and the squirrels are ... well, going nuts. But f
or us,
this means it's time for another patch.

Welcome to the Project Dogwaffle 2.1 update. Here is brief summary:

  • Updated Timeline
- Spline based keyframe interpolation (!)
- Zoom in/out on the timeline
- Create a new animation directly from the timeline
- Updated look
- Optional undos
- stop a render in progress (!)
- Added antialiasing for the transform filter

improved mouth plugin (exposure sheet)
  • Updated exposure sheet
     Velocity track
     Zoom in/out
     Stop playback
     Frame/audio lock toggle
     Updated look

the canvas size control plugin
  • new! a new "Canvas Buffer Size" plugin

new optipustics particle brush presets
  • New optipustics fractal particle presets:

>>> see more cool things like animated brushes waving in the wind (PD Pro 4)

worth every Penny
  • new! The Penny plugin:   This is an alternate paint engine with Spline smoothing of mouse strokes. Great for cartoonists who have a fast hand and still want their line art to remain smooth. This plugin uses Spline interpolation between the sampled mouse/tablet points, so it looks perfectly smooth without line segmentation no matter how fast you draw your lines.

>>> Learn more about Penny Paint and the 1.1 update

the Keyframer plugin
  • new! The (Brush) Keyframer
- animate a brush (or animated brush) using spline based keyframes
- animate position, rotation, scale, and opacity
- align to path
- motion blur
- "shutter speed" for crisp & sharp or blurry appearance

Other improvements include these tools:
- Color replacer plugin
- Updated Browser
- Twain (New friendlier interface)
- Updated Store Buffer


Download and Installation
  • Update installer filename:   Dogwaffle_2_1_Update.exe   
  • file size:      2 MB approximately  (2,113,832 bytes exactly)
          Note:  a newer update is available. Find the details and downloads here

Download the file, save it in a temp folder, in MyDocuments  or on the desktop. Then double-click it to run it.

The installer will need version 2.0 already installed (full or upgraded from 1.x). It can also be applied on top of a patched version 2.0b, 2.0c or 2.0d installation, but of course not over 1.x nor on the 2.0 demo version.

Note: The installer will look for v2.0 in the specified folder, and you should make sure that the correct location is specified before you complete the installation. This is important, especially if you have multiple versions such as a demo version or the free v1.11b still on the same PC in addition to the full 2.0 installation.

If you still don't have the full version 2, what are you waiting for?

More About What's New in This Patch ...
This is the 2.1 Update. A lot of new features are here.

New is the latest, improved mouth plugin (Exposure Sheet) introduced originally in the
2.0d patch, with the following features:

  • The ability to stop playback.
  • Zooming.
  • Velocity track to graph up to 4 channels of secondary motion.
  • Also displays all phonemes and notation for current frame, and frame numbers on the velocity track.
  • Audio/frame lock button to allow or dis-allow animation playback while scrubbing
  • Channel visibility:  Turn off individual velocity channels.
  • Bug fix:  Pattern was corrupted on wav info panel.

Also new are a handfull of new optipustics settings and medias.
new possibilities from fractal particle presets

Also: there are several improvements made in the Timeline editor, such as Spline Interpolation mode (transition of changing filter parameters), an optional Undo, and the ability to stop the rendering in progress.

Linear Keyframe Interpolation:
linear interpolation of keyframes
Spline Keyframe Interpolation:
Spline interpolation of keyframes

And last but not least the new Penny plugin, with a new rendering engine for Spline interpolation between recorded positions coming from the mouse or tablet. Here's another screenshot, showing how smooth the fine lines appear. No more line segments even when drawing very quickly with strong curvature.

Project Dogwaffle already features a high powered natural media painting engine, with robust custom brushes and a wealth of tools for creative individuals.

However, we felt that there was still something missing, something more that could be done with painting on a computer, and to that end we are pleased to introduce an alternate paint engine, complete with some very powerful new features like spline interpolation for smoothing the input from a pointing device, and floating point calculations for very clean looking graphics.

Penny opens a copy of your buffer and lets you draw with a mouse or tablet using fully anti-aliased, spline based lines in several built in styles like ink, watercolor, and gel. You can also apply a paper texture and import new papers as well. The results are super-smooth and natural.

Other improvements include new eye candy on the status bar.

Added also:

Color replacer plugin:
  Select a color and use this tool to replace it, or colors
  within a certain tollerance, with another hue or color.

Updated Browser:
  Adds a directory list on the side for easier browsing.

  New friendlier interface.

Updated Store Buffer plugin:
  New organization and new channel features.