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Howler Help

     Help with Fast Digital Painting, powered by Project Dogwaffle

                    Howler also supports animation & video

PD Howler also supports animation & video
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Looking for more online Help file? (PD Help, dogwaffle help files, PDF and chm help files,...).

Click here to access: PD Help

now for PD Howler/PD Artist

(any feature related to animation/video is meant for the Howler edition, with a few exceptions. For example, even the Artist edition supports animated brushes, made of short video clips or image sequences, sprite sheets and more.)

steampowered Using the Steam edition? Look for Help here

   (notes on using the GPU and controlling the TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery)

Important notice:

With the release of 8.2d (Howler edition) it is no longer necessary to run the program as Administrator. Sure, in some rare cases it might still be needed, but in general it's ok without. The installation doesn't need to be run as Administrator either, usually: the installer elevates itself to Administrator level. Again, this is the normal case. In rare occasions, it may fail to do so, and you may just need to run as Administrator at least once.

If you see an error message upon launch like this one:  "Unexpected error - quitting",

unexpected error

and the program does quit thereafter when you click OK, then you may need to run it once as Administrator. Simply right-click the icon or menu where you try to launch it from, and select Run As Administrator.

On very rare cases, you may need to run it as Administrator each time. In that case it's probably recommended to set the property to do so in the file's Properties/Compatibility area.

Also, if you still have earlier versions installed, they may display the warning/error message too. Run them as Administrator again. After that, it may be necessary to run the newest version as Administrator again too, at least once. It's all about permissions and access to temp folders for the work done in the program.

needs elevationunexpected error   

Missing the Batch Browser?

(PD Pro 7.2 users)

If you're using PD Pro 7.2 there's a chance that you may not have the necessary file for using the batch browser. If you upgraded from 7.0 or 7.1 you're probably fine. If you bought 7.2 as your first version in the 7.x series, chances are you're not able to use the batch browser.


Here's a link to a .zip (Zip archive) file which contains the executable: .........  49.4 KB (50,629 bytes)

After you download the zip file, be sure to extract the executable from it. The executable's filename contains a space, and its exact size is 253,952 bytes (about 248 KB).

Executable's Filename:  Batch Browser.exe

Place a copy of the executable file (.exe version) into the folder where you have your PD Pro 7.2 installation. You can then start using Batch Browser from the File menu:

File > Batch Browser...

batch browser from File menu
(Note: this is different from the Batch process option further down in the same menu. The Batch process uses ImageMagick, the Batch browser does not.)



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Installation guide of earlier version: PD Pro 5.1b

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